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Fraternity symbols

Founding Date: February 25, 1981
Founding Campus: UCLA
Scope: International
Focus: Asian Interest
Type: Social and Service
Motto: Leaders Among Men
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Mascot: Dragon
Nicknames: Lambdas, LPhiE
Values: Wisdom, Honor, Courage
Letters: ΛΦΕ, 人中王

CrestCoat of Arms

CharactersLoosely translated: King of People
(Leaders Among Men)

KanjiLambda Kanji



Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on February 25, 1981, by principal founder Mr. Craig Ishigo and a group of eighteen other dedicated men on the campus of the University of California of Los Angeles. By forming Lambda Phi Epsilon as a new Asian American fraternity, the founders hoped to set new and higher standards of excellence for all Asian-interest organizations to follow. The goal of the founders was to transcend the limitations to which traditional Asian American organizations were subject to facing. Their vision was that the members would eventually become the leaders of their respective communities and bridge the gaps fragmenting the Asian American community through the affiliation with a common organization. Unknowingly, their efforts had set the stage for the emergence of the largest organization of its kind.


Noting that Asian fraternities and sororities at the UC campuses were recognized only as service organizations due to their memberships focus on specific Asian groups and to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, the goal of the founders was to transcend this limitation. The founders hoped to set new and higher standards of excellence for all Asian-interest organizations to follow, while feeling a need to offer a fraternity that would be recognized by the IFC and the Greek system. While the original charter focused on Asian Pacific Americans, people from all ethnic backgrounds were welcome to join and support the brotherhood of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Their vision was that the members would eventually become the leaders of their respective communities and bridge the gaps that divided the Asian American community through an affiliation with a common organization. Master Craig Ishigo and Darryl L. Mu signed the charter as president and vice president, respectively.


The nineteen Founding Fathers of Lambda Phi Epsilon are: Mr. Hunter Chang, Mr. Randy Fujimoto, Mr. John Hanvey, Master Craig Ishigo, Mr. Jeff Kaku, Mr. Bobby Kawai, Mr. Dean Kumagawa, Mr. Jim Lee, Mr. Bruce Mau, Mr. Ted Mihara, Mr. Neil Miyazaki, Mr. Darryl L. Mu, Mr. Kelvin Sakai, Mr. Kevin Shida, Mr. Albert Sun, Mr. Weyton Tam, Mr. Jamie Watanabe, Mr. Bennet Wong, Mr. Fred Wong. Read more about the history of APIA Greeks on the NAPA website.

Northwest visionaries

Not satisfied with the diversity lacking in the traditional Greek community at the University of Washington, founders Arnold Wong, Patrick Patulot, and Stewart Tong decided to create an Asian American fraternity of their own and establish Lambda Phi Epsilon’s first chapter in the Pacific Northwest. After expressing their interest to fraternity’s National Board the spring of 1998, an Interest Group of 12 strong men was soon formed on campus. Upon receiving a national bid to be pledged by Epsilon Chapter of UC Irvine, the twelve students regularly traveled to and from Northern California to learn the values and traditions of the fraternity under the guidance of Ray Hiyoshi, a Lambda at UC Irvine. On the morning of February 14, 1999, the Interest Group crossed as University of Washington’s Colony Charter Class. Within the next four years, the Colony gained Associate status, and finally full Active status as Alpha Zeta Chapter on May 25, 2003. Since then, Alpha Zeta Chapter has crossed over a hundred brothers into the family and the chapter has been reputed for winning numerous step competitions, philanthropic excellence awards, and most recently, Chapter of the Year at National Convention 2013. When the word spread of a new Interest Group forming at a neighboring campus in the summer of 2012, Alpha Zeta Chapter elected to host their new member education process and earnestly crossed their Colony Charter Class at Washington State University on March 24, 2013. Alpha Zeta Chapter plans to expand to additional campuses in the Pacific Northwest in the upcoming biennium.

Campus presence

Since February 14, 1999, Alpha Zeta Chapter has crossed over a hundred brothers into the family. With over a decade of growth and experience, the brothers from the University of Washington have played key roles in the Asian American community on campus. With brothers active in Asian Student Commission organizations such as CSA, CSSAFASAHKSAISAUWJSAKhSAKSA, KSUTSATOSAVSA, and more, the fraternity has contributed to the development of current Asian American student organizations. In addition, active brothers are involved in the changing the direction of student leadership on campus through heavy involvement with ASUW, STF, the UW Foundation Board, just to name a few. Lambdas have dominated at the helm of student leadership on campus as past ASC Directors, ASUW Senate Speakers, and UGC Founders and Presidents. The active brothers also find time to fulfill their interests and hobbies in hip hop dancing, public service, athletic training, competitive gaming, audio productions, dating, photography, poker, hiking, etc. Lambda Phi Epsilon was the first ever Asian American fraternity to be established on the University of Washington campus in Seattle and continues to set high standards for brotherhood, leadership, and philanthropy for other Asian interest fraternities that followed.

Hall of presidents

1998-1999 | Charter President Arnold Wong

04-09-1998 | Informational Night about ΛΦΕ is held at Wing Dome (Organized by Arnold Wong, Patrick Patulot, and Stewart Tong)
04-24-1998 | Expansion Chairman Mr. Ray Hiyoshi (Epsilon Chapter) Visits Seattle
05-26-1998 | Interest Group Status Achieved
06-27-1998 | Service: Walk for Rice with Asian Counseling & Referral Service (ACRS)
07-11-1998 | Service: Seattle International District Fair with ACRS
07-18-1998 | First Fundraiser: Carwash
07-24-1998 | Brotherhood Trip to Vancouver, Canada
08-01-1998 | Service: Seattle Torchlight Festival Parade Dragon Team (TV Appearance)
08-08-1998 | “Paradise” Party
08-27-1998 | Brotherhood Ropes Course Trip to Eastern Washington
09-16-1998 | Became a Registered Student Organization at University of Washington
09-27-1998 | Service: Volunteer at Northwest AIDS Walk
10-02-1998 | “Set it Off” Party
10-16-1998 | Charter Class Bid Night Hosted by Epsilon Chapter
10-17-1998 | SoCal Sports Day and Exchange with UCI ΚΖΦ
10-31-1998 | Halloween Party (Attended by Alumni from Epsilon Chapter)
11-11-1998 | Service: Feed Homeless at Bread of Life Mission
11-13-1998 | Second Visit to Southern California, Hosted by Epsilon Chapter
11-15-1998 | Service: Plant Trees with Epsilon Chapter and UCLA ΧΑΔ
11-20-1998 | Thanksgiving Exchange with UW αΚΔΦ
11-21-1998 | “Incognito” Party
12-05-1998 | Service: Volunteer at Keiro Nursing Home
01-13-1998 | Service: Asian American Bone Marrow Drive (Broke the school record by registering 85 potential donors)
01-15-1998 | Epsilon Chapter Executive Board Members Visit Seattle
01-16-1998 | Service: Beacon House Renovation Project
01-29-1998 | Informational Banquet
02-14-1999 | Charter Class Crosses at Newport Beach, California; Colony Chapter Status Achieved
02-26-1999 | Washington State Asian Pacific Islander American Legislative Day (Informed Governor Gary Locke of UW ΛΦΕ)
02-27-1999 | Five-Way Exchange with UW Latino Greeks and αΚΔΦ
04-12-1999 | Constitutional Defining and Restructuring of House Positions
05-01-1999 | Charter Class Installs
05-28-1999 | Convention X in Los Angeles (Charter Class Step Performed at Brotherhood Showcase)
06-26-1999 | Service: 2nd Annual Walk for Rice

1999-2000 | President Xuong “Steven” Quoc Lieu

07-02-1999 | Brotherhood Trip to Vancouver, Canada
08-01-1999 | Service: 2nd Annual Dragon Team Run
09-24-1999 | 1999-2000 National Board Meeting Hosted by UW
09-29-1999 | Rush for Alpha Class begins
10-05-1999 | Participation in UW Ethnic Greek Day
10-08-1999 | “Evolution” Party
10-23-1999 | Alpha Class Bid Night hosted by Epsilon Chapter
10-29-1999 | “Chaos” Halloween Masquerade Party
11-13-1999 | Brotherhood Hiking Trip to Mt. Baker
11-27-1999 | Service: 2nd Annual Beacon House Renovation
12-24-1999 | Service: Adopt-a-Family
01-06-2000 | Midyear in California
01-07-2000 | Alpha Class Crosses
01-15-2000 | Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
01-18-2000 | Alpha Class Step Performed at αΚΔΦ Talent Show
01-26-2000 | Service: 2nd Annual Bone Marrow Drive
02-08-2000 | Launch of UW ΛΦΕ Website
03-24-2000 | Brotherhood Trip to Vancouver, Canada
04-01-2000 | “G-Spot” Party
04-10-2000 | Service: High School Reach Out Program
04-15-2000 | Alpha Class Installs
05-06-2000 | Service: Danny Woo Garden Renovation Project
05-06-2000 | “Bead Bash 2000”Cruise Party
05-12-2000 | Four-Way BBQ Exchange with Latino Greeks and αΚΔΦ
05-19-2000 | Step Team Performs at UW Filipino Night
05-19-2000 | “Blackout” Party
05-20-2000 | Service: Chinatown Spring Clean Up
05-26-2000 | Convention XI (Attended By All 21 members; Wins Colony Chapter Service Award)
07-01-2000 | Service: 3rd Annual Walk for Rice

2000-2001 | President Jewelson Acuario

08-25-2000 | Pool Party Exchange with αΚΔΦ
09-24-2000 | Service: 2nd Annual Northwest AIDS Walk
09-25-2000 | Rush for Beta Class begins
10-06-2000 | “Evolution II” Party
10-19-2000 | Beta Class Bid Night Hosted by Epsilon Chapter
10-27-2000 | “Chaos II” Party
11-18-2000 | Service: 3rd Annual Beacon House Renovation
01-05-2001 | Midyear in California
01-15-2001 | Beta Class Crosses
01-20-2001 | Brotherhood Ceremony
01-23-2001 | 3rd Annual Bone Marrow Drive (Broke the Record by Registering 98)
02-17-2001 | Brotherhood Trip to Vancouver, Canada
02-19-2001 | Rush for Gamma Class Begins
03-10-2001 | “G-Spot II” Party
04-21-2001 | Service: Salmon Habitat Preservation with αΚΔΦ’s
05-06-2001 | Gamma Class Crosses
05-12-2001 | Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
05-19-2001 | Beta Class & Gamma Class Installs
05-26-2001 | Convention XII in Palm Springs, California; Associate Status Attained
06-10-2001 | Associate Status Celebration Exchange with αΚΔΦ
06-30-2001 | Service: 4th Annual Walk for Rice
07-10-2001 | Service: 2nd Annual Danny Woo Garden Renovation Project

2001-2002 | President Xuong “Steven” Quoc Lieu

08-04-2001 | Hot Import Nights Fundraiser
09-01-2001 | Acquisition of the Lambda House
09-29-2001 | School Year Pre-Funk House Party at the Lambda House
10-02-2001 | Rush for Delta Class
10-05-2001 | “Funk Fest” House Party at the Lambda House
10-21-2001 | Delta Class Bid Night Hosted by Epsilon Chapter
10-26-2001 | “Chaos III” Party with αΚΔΦ
11-08-2001 | Lambda Lil Sis Rush
11-09-2001 | Pajama Jam Exchange with αΚΔΦ
11-10-2001 | Participation at Midwest Brotherhood Rally
11-16-2001 | Freestyle Performance at αΚΔΦ Talent Show
11-21-2001 | Lambda Family Thanksgiving dinner with Lil Sis at the Lambda House
12-02-2001 | Service: Giving Tree for Unfortunate Children with Lil Sis
12-08-2001 | Service: 4th Annual Beacon House Renovation and Painting
01-05-2002 | Midyear in California
01-12-2002 | Delta Class crosses
01-13-2002 | Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
01-28-2002 | Rush for Epsilon Class Begins
02-08-2002 | Participation at Splashfest in SoCal Region
02-12-2002 | Service: 4th Annual Bone Marrow Drive
02-15-2002 | Participation at East Coast Brotherhood Rally
02-16-2002 | Brotherhood Trip to Vancouver, Canada
02-21-2002 | Exchange with αΚΔΦ
02-22-2002 | Lil Sis Performs at ASC Talent Show
02-22-2002 | Participation at NorCal Brotherhood Rally
03-01-2002 | Rally to save Korean Studies Program with Korean Student Association
03-02-2002 | Epsilon Class Bid Night Held in Seattle
03-16-2002 | Service: YouthCare School Rejuvenation
04-13-2002 | Service: March of Dimes for Premature Babies with Lil Sis
04-20-2002 | Service: 2nd Annual Salmon Habitat Preservation with Lil Sis
04-26-2002 | Epsilon Class Crosses
05-13-2002 | Sports Day BBQ with αΚΔΦ
06-22-2002 | Service: Walk for Rice

2002-2003 | President Nguyen Minh “Bien” Do

07-03-2002 | Panel for the Northwest Asian Weekly Summer Program
07-12-2002 | Carwash Fundraiser
08-06-2002 | Service: From Hiroshima to Hope
10-03-2002 | Zeta Rush Info Night
10-03-2002 | Rush Mixer with Lambda Lil Sis
10-04-2002 | Fall Rush Lambda House Party
10-05-2002 | Fall Rush BBQ at Lambda House
10-07-2002 | Fall Rush Pool Night at Jillian’s Billiard Club
10-10-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Rush Info Night
10-10-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Game Night at Gameworks
10-11-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Bonfire
10-11-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Rush House Party
10-17-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Presents
10-19-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Ice Break-End
10-23-2002| Big Bro/Lil Sis Reveal Night
10-26-2002 | Bid Night for Zeta Pledge Class at Southern California in Los Angeles
10-31-2002 | “Shipwreck” Masquerade Halloween Party on Skansonia Ferry
11-02-2002 | “Unsigned Hype” Talent Show Sponsored by ΛΦΕ and CSA
11-07-2002 | Zeta Pledge Class and Beta Lil Sis Pledge Class Scavenger Hunt
11-09-2002 | Founding Family Line Dinners
11-09-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Game Day at Lambda House
11-11-2002 | Brotherhood Mountain Hike
11-16-2002 | Service: Adopt-A-Street Project in Chinatown
11-22-2002 | Lil Sis Karaoke Night at C’est Si Bon Karaoke
11-26-2002 | Thanksgiving Dinner at Lambda House
11-27-2002 | Northwest Interstate Party in San Francisco
12-06-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Pottery Night
12-07-2002 | PA Football and Party at Lambda House
12-14-2002 | Lambda Lil Sis Beta Class Crosses
01-04-2003 | National Midyear Meeting
01-11-2003 | Zeta Class Crosses
01-22-2003 | Annual Bone Marrow Drive
01-23-2003 | Annual Bone Marrow Drive
02-01-2003 | Zeta Class JI Informational
02-06-2003 | Eta Rush Info Night
02-06-2003 | Eta Rush Mixer with Lil Sis
02-07-2003 | Social Mixer with ΧΣΑ
02-07-2003 | Lambda Step Performance at ASC Talent Show (Hosted by John Chae)
02-07-2003 | Eta Rush House Party at Lambda House
02-08-2003 | Eta Rush BBQ at Lambda House
02-10-2003 | Eta Rush Pool Night at Jillian’s Billiard Club
02-15-2003 | Brotherhood Challenge #1: Football Tournament
02-15-2003 | UW Founder’s Day Party at Showbox Club
02-16-2003 | UW Founder’s Day Dinner
02-22-2003 | ΧΣΑ Bid Night
03-01-2003 | Eta Pledge Class Bid Night at Rock Salt
03-08-2003 | Service: Chinatown Cleanup with ΧΣΑ
03-08-2003 | Brotherhood Challenge #2: Game Day
03-28-2003 | Alpha Zeta Chapter at Governor’s Cup
04-06-2003 | ΧΣΑ Humbly Presents ΛΦΕ with a Ceremony of Gratitude for a Year of Establishment
04-19-2003 | Eta Pledge Class PA Football and Party
04-21-2003 | New Start Mentoring Begins
04-27-2003 | Brotherhood Challenge #3: Basketball Tournament
04-26-2003 | Service: March of Dimes with UGC
04-26-2003 | UGC Barbecue at the Lambda House
05-03-2003 | Eta Class Crosses
05-04-2003 | Service and Step: API Heritage Celebration
05-07-2003 | Exchange (Field Games and Food) with ZTA Sorority
05-17-2003 | Zeta Class and Eta Class Installs
05-25-2003 | Alpha Zeta Chapter Achieves Active Status, Convention XIV in New York City
05-31-2003 | Attended and Presented at ΧΣΑ’s First Installation Ceremony
06-07-2003 | End of the Year Party (Street was Flooded with People)
06-28-2003 | Service: Walk for Rice

2003-2004 | President Andrew Jiang

09-21-2003 | Brotherhood Road Tip to Vancouver, Canada
09-27-2003 | Back-To-School Bash Party at the New Lambda House on 47th and 18th
10-10-2003 | House Mixer with ΧΣΑ
10-23-2003 | Bowling Mixer with ΧΣΑ
10-25-2003 | Theta Pledge Class Bid Night at Rock Salt
10-31-2003 | Shipwreck Masquerade Halloween Party on Skansonia Ferry
11-14-2003 | Gamma Lil Sis Presents
11-15-2003 | Attended ΧΣΑ Beta Pledge Class Presents
11-25-2003 | Annual Lambda Thanksgiving dinner with Gamma Lil Sis
12-06-2003 | Theta Pledge Class PA Football and Party
01-11-2004 | Theta Class Crosses
01-25-2004 | Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
02-05-2004 | Brotherhood Week Begins
02-13-2004 | Brotherhood Lock-In at the Lambda House
02-14-2004 | Five Year Anniversary of Charter Class Crossing
02-28-2004 | Five Year Anniversary Celebration in Vancouver, Canada
03-04-2004 | Service: Domestic Violence Rally (Candlelight Vigil and Workshop) with αΚΔΦ
03-28-2004 | αΚΔΦ Iota Pledge Class Presents
04-02-2004 | Spring “Party”
04-16-2004 | ΧΣΑ Gamma Pledge Class Presents
04-17-2004 | Theta Class Installs
05-22-2004 | Adopt-A-Street Chinatown Cleanup
05-22-2004 | ΣΨΖ Alpha Class Installs
05-28-2004 | Alpha Zeta Chapter Wins Keight at Convention XV, San Francisco

2004-2005 | President Jeffrey Chang

06-14-2004 | Lil Sis Paintball
06-26-2004 | Service: Walk for Rice
07-10-2004 | Service: Chinatown-International District Street Fair
08-14-2004 | Brotherhood Basketball: Actives vs. Alumni
09-11-2004 | Service: Bone Marrow Drive at Uwajimaya
09-25-2004 | Back To School BBQ
10-01-2004 | Back To School Party
10-08-2004 | Iota Rush Party
10-13-2004 | αΚΔΦ Exchange: Alki Bonfire
10-23-2004 | Iota Pledge Class Bid Night at Rocksalt
11-06-2004 | Service: Chinatown Cleanup
11-06-2004 | Attended ΧΣΑ Presents
11-12-2004 | αΚΔΦ Exchange: Scavenger Hunt
11-20-2004 | Deception Masquerade Party at College Club in Downtown Seattle with ΧΣΑ
11-23-2004 | Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
12-02-2004 | Service with αΚΔΦ: Salvation Army Clothing and Toy Drive
12-03-2004 | Brotherhood: Glutton Bowl (Winner: John Zheng)
12-04-2004 | Iota Pledge Class PA Football and Party
01-09-2005 | Iota Class Crosses (in snow)
01-11-2005 | Brotherhood Basketball
01-14-2005 | αΚΔΦ Midyear Exchange
01-20-2005 | Iota Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
01-26-2005 | Outdoor BBQ
02-03-2005 | Rush Info Night
02-04-2005 | Kappa Rush Party
02-05-2005 | Rush BBQ
02-11-2005 | ASC Talent Show (Hosted by Brother Anh Do and Lil Sis Erin Aquino)
02-19-2005 | Service: Chinatown Cleanup
02-23-2005 | ΧΣΑ Rush Exchange: Black and White Party
02-24-2005 | αΚΔΦ Rush Exchange: Bowling
02-25-2005 | ΣΨΖ Rush Exchange: Ice Skating
02-26-2005 | Kappa Pledge Class Bid Night at Rocksalt
04-08-2005 | Sin City Party with αΚΔΦ at Skansonia
04-23-2005 | Kappa Pledge Class PA Football and Party
05-01-2005 | Kappa Pledge Class: March of Dimes Walk
05-07-2005 | Kappa Class Crosses
05-09-2005 | Kappa Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
05-21-2005 | Iota and Kappa Installations; After Party at Alki Beach House
05-27-2005 | Convention XVI, Houston, TX
06-10-2005 | End of the Year BBQ

2005-2006 | President Peter Chong

09-27-2005 | Rush for Mu Class Begins
09-30-2005 | Back to School House Party
10-07-2005 | Mu Rush Party
10-27-2005 | Brotherhood Dinner
10-28-2005 | Paranoia Halloween Party at China Harbor
10-29-2005 | Mu Pledge Class Bid Night
11-05-2005 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Zeta Pledge Class Presents
11-22-2005 | Thanksgiving Dinner
12-04-2005 | Mu Pledge Class PA Party
01-08-2006 | Mu Class Crosses
01-09-2006 | Mu Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
02-10-2006 | Ghetto Night Brotherhood
02-14-2006 | Eval-U-Date Exchange
02-25-2006 | ΛΦΕ, 25th Anniversary
04-08-2006 | Sin City Spring Party w/ αΚΔΦ
04-19-2006 | Wild-N-Out Exchange w/ ΧΣΑ
05-24-2006 | Brotherhood Poker Tournament
05-26-2006 | Convention XVII in Los Angeles, CA

2006-2007 | President Anh Minh Do

09-05-2006 | NorCal Road Trip
11-03-2006 | ΣΨΖ Nationals Exchange
11-04-2006 | Nu Pledge Class Bid Night
01-06-2007 | Nu Class Crosses
01-10-2007 | Nu Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
01-15-2007 | Lambda National Midyear at Chicago
02-23-2007 | Splatfest at San Luis Obispo, California
03-31-2007 | Xi Pledge Class Bid Night
04-23-2007 | NorCal Road Trip
04-20-2007 | “Girls Next Door” Spring Venue Party with αΚΔΦ and ΣΛΒ
04-21-2007 | Xi Pledge Class PA party
05-05-2007 | Xi Class Crosses
05-07-2007 | Xi Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
05-11-2007 | BBQ at Magnuson Park with Asian Sororities
05-18-2007 | Mu, Nu, Xi Class Installs
05-25-2007 | Convention XVIII in Fremont, CA

2007-2008 | President Joseph Lieu

10-03-2007 | Rush for Omicron Class Begins
10-26-2007 | Psychotic Halloween Party
11-03-2007 | Omicron Pledge Class Bid Night
11-05-2007 | Bone Marrow Drive at HUB Lobby with ΣΨΖ (Until 11-07-2007)
01-12-2008 | Omicron Class Crosses (7 am)
01-18-2008 | Brotherhood Football Game at Denny Field
03-01-2008 | Spring Bid Night
03-04-2008 | Lil Sis Rush for Delta Class Begins
03-06-2008 | Lil Sis Rush: Info Night and Ice Cream Social
03-07-2008 | Lil Sis Rush: Bonfire
03-08-2008 | Lil Sis Rush: BBQ
03-21-2008 | Lil Sis Bowling Night
04-12-2008 | Service: Chinatown Cleanup
04-12-2008 | Attended ΧΣΑ Lambda Presents
04-14-2008 | Mafia Mixer
04-18-2008 | Sensual Seduction Venue Party with αΚΔΦ at Red Lion Hotel
04-26-2008 | “Damaged” Lil Sis Party
04-19-2008 | Brotherhood Football at Denny Field
04-25-2008 | Performed Step at ΧΣΑ’s Music 4 Life with Lil Sis
05-04-2008 | Performed Step at API Celebration with Lil Sis
05-16-2008 | Lil Sis Delta Pledge Class Camping
05-17-2008 | Lil Sis Delta Class Crosses
05-17-2008 | Omicron Class and Lil Sis Installs
05-27-2008 | Convention XIX at Chicago, Illinois
06-21-2008 | Service: Walk for Rice

2008-2009 | President Denny Pham

10-01-2008 | Rush for Pi Class Begins
10-02-2008 | Rush: Information Night and Poker Mixer with αΚΔΦ
10-03-2008 | Rush: Back2School Party
10-04-2008 | Rush: Saturday Morning BBQ
10-05-2008 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night & Interviews
10-19-2008 | Pi Pledge Class Presents to αΚΔΦ’s Pi Pledge Class at ECC
10-24-2008 | Disturbia Halloween Party
11-01-2008 | Pi Pledge Class Bid Night
11-22-2008 | Pi Pledge Class Presents to ΧΣΑ’s Mu Pledge Class
11-22-2008 | Pi Pledge Class PA Party “Naughty or Nice”
11-25-2008 | Thanksgiving Dinner
01-09-2009 | Pi Class Crosses
01-09-2009 | Mid Year in DC
01-12-2009 | Pi Class Brotherhood Initation Ceremony
01-28-2009 | Rush for Rho Class Begins
02-05-2009 | Rush: Info Night; αΚΔΦ Mixer
02-06-2009 | Rush: Bonfire with ΧΣΑ
02-09-2009 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night and Interviews
02-13-2009 | Eval-U-Date Mixer with αΚΔΦ, ΧΣΑ, and ΣΨΖ
02-16-2009 | Day-Long JA Retreat (President’s Day, No School); Brotherhood Dinner at OCB
02-20-2009 | Spring Venue Party “Toga: Greek Gods and Goddesses” with ΣΨΖ
02-23-2009 | Epsilon Lil Sis Rush Begins
02-26-2009 | Lil Sis Rush: Info Night and Ice Cream Social
02-27-2009 | Lil Sis Rush: Game Night
02-28-2009 | Lil Sis Rush: Ice Skating
03-01-2009 | Lil Sis Rush: Bowling and Interviews
03-07-2009 | Rho Pledge Class Bid Night
03-09-2009 | Brotherhood Poker Night
03-21-2009 | Canada Road Trip with ΣΨΖ
03-30-2009 | Bone Marrow Drive Training Workshop with αΚΔΦ
03-31-2009 | Bone Marrow Drive at By George until 04-02-2008
04-11-2009 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Nu Pledge Class Presents
05-01-2009 | Lil Sis Epsilon Pledge Class Camping
05-02-2009 | Lil Sis Epsilon Class Crosses
05-09-2009 | Rho Class Crosses
05-09-2009 | Relay for Life at Husky Stadium
05-11-2009 | Rho Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
05-13-2009 | Executive Board Elections
05-15-2009 | Brotherhood “Drink: Olympics; Mixer with ΣΨΖ
05-20-2009 | Pre-Convention Mixer with Houston αΚΔΦ at Joe Lieu’s Place
05-21-2009 | Alpha Zeta Chapter Hosts Convention in Seattle; Argossy Cruise Party
05-22-2009 | Convention XXI: President’s Meeting, Brotherhood Showcase; αΚΔΦ Venue Party at Yama
05-23-2009 | Convention XXI: Expansion Meeting, Brotherhood Basketball Tournament, Mixers with UC Davis Lil Sis, ΛΦΕ Venue Party at China Harbor
05-24-2009 | Convention: Banquet; Alpha Zeta Chapter Installs Part I (Pi vs. Rho Class Step)
05-30-2009 | Attended ΧΣΑ and ΣΨΖ Installs
06-07-2009 | House Photos in front of Suzzallo Library
06-12-2009 | Attended αΚΔΦ Installs
06-20-2009 | Walk for Rice
07-02-2009 | Alpha Zeta Chapter Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary (4th of July Weekend at San Diego)

2009-2010 | President Gavin Gar Liu

09-29-2009 | Rush for Sigma Class Begins
10-03-2009 | Epsilon Lil Sis, Pi, and Rho Class Installs at O’Asian
10-08-2009 | Rush: Info Night; Mixer with αΚΔΦ
10-09-2009 | Rush Party with ΧΣΑ
10-10-2009 | Rush: Bon Fire with ΣΨΖ at Golden Gardens
10-12-2009 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night
10-18-2009 | ΛΦΕ Attended αΚΔΦ’s Rho Pledge Class Presents
10-25-2009 | Brotherhood Basketball at the IMA
10-30-2009 | Asylum Halloween Party
11-10-2009 | Bone Marrow Drive until 11-13-2010 at By George Café; Moved to HUB
11-14-2009 | Adopt-A-Street Cleanup at Chinatown
11-14-2009 | Sigma Pledge Class Bid Night at Argossy Cruise
11-24-2009 | Thanksgiving Dinner at Taiwanese Center
12-21-2009 | Sigma Class Crosses
01-04-2010 | Sigma Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
01-10-2010 | Fundraiser: “Spy Next Door” Jackie Chan Movie Poster Promotion in Chinatown
01-10-2010 | Brotherhood Hot Pot Dinner
01-18-2010 | MLK Day of Service: Outdoor Restoration at Cheasty Greenspace
01-30-2010 | Mixer with ΧΣΑ at Funtasia
01-26-2010 | Spring 2010 Rush Begins
02-03-2010 | Rush: Info Night I
02-04-2010 | Rush: Bubble Tea with ΣΨΖ
02-08-2010 | Rush: Info Night II
02-13-2010 | Lunar New Year Celebration at Chinatown; Coordinate Scavenger Hunt at Hing Hay Park
02-13-2010 | Eval-U-Date Mixer with αΚΔΦ, ΧΣΑ, and ΣΨΖ
02-21-2010 | Brotherhood Hiking on Mount Si
03-09-2010 | Karaoke Mixer Competition with αΚΔΦ at EnKore (Bryan Dosono Wins)
03-19-2010 | Canada Road Trip Weekend with ΣΨΖ
04-10-2010 | Habitat for Humanity Service Event
04-10-2010 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Omicron Pledge Class Presents at Little Italy
04-16-2010 | Spring Venue Party with αΚΔΦ; “Blur” at Red Lion Hotel
04-24-2010 | Volunteered with ΠΝΙ’s Literacy Jamboree
05-02-2010 | API Celebration Step Performance at Seattle Center House
05-10-2010 | Executive Board Elections
05-15-2010 | Sigma Class Installs
05-20-2010 | ΛΦΕ Perform at ΣΨΖ’s “Step Out Against Domestic Violence” Showcase
05-21-2010 | Attended ΣΨΖ National Convention’s Sweet 16 Boat Party
05-22-2010 | Attended ΧΣΑ Installs
05-22-2010 | Relay For Life at Husky Stadium
05-24-2010 | House Photos in front of Suzzallo Library
05-28-2010 | Convention XXI at San Francisco: Brotherhood Showcase; αΚΔΦ Club Party
05-29-2010 | National Expansion Meeting; Exchange with UC Irvine αΚΔΦ; ΛΦΕ Club Party
05-29-2010 | Attended ΣΨΖ Installs
05-30-2010 | Banquet; Alpha Zeta Chapter Wins Philanthropy Award of the Year
06-11-2010 | Attended αΚΔΦ Installs
06-19-2010 | Service: Walk for Rice

2010-2011 | President Hengxin “Cole” Fun

09-01-2010 | Move into House on 5232 Brooklyn Avenue NE
09-24-2010 | End-of-Summer Party at Lambda House with ΣΨΖ
09-29-2010 | Rush for Tau Class Begins
10-01-2010 | Back-to-School Party at the Lambda House with ΧΣΑ
10-06-2010 | Rush: Info Night on Campus
10-07-2010 | Rush: Poker Night with αΚΔΦ
10-08-2010 | Rush Party at Lambda House with ΧΣΑ
10-09-2010 | Rush: BBQ with ΣΨΖ at Lambda House
10-11-2010 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night with Lambda Lil Sis and Interviews
10-16-2010 | Alumni Tailgate BBQ at Husky Stadium Parking Lot
10-17-2010 | Lambdas Attended αΚΔΦ Presentations at ECC; Tau Pledge Class Serenades Ladies
10-29-2010 | “Asylum” Halloween Party at King Kat Theatre with ΧΣΑ
11-04-2010 | Bone Marrow Drive Training Workshop with αΚΔΦ and Puget Sound Blood Center
11-06-2010 | Tau Pledge Class Bid Night at Ray’s Boat House
11-08-2010 | Bone Marrow Drive Week outside By George Café (Broke school record and mentioned on the front page of the UW Daily)
11-19-2010 | Tau Pledge Class PA Party at Lambda House
11-20-2010 | Brotherhood Football Scrimmage at University Playground; Lambdas Attended ΧΣΑ Presentations at Ray’s Boat House; Tau Pledge Class Serenade Ladies
11-23-2010 | Thanksgiving Dinner at Lambda House
12-05-2010 | Tau Class Crosses
12-06-2010 | Brotherhood Hot PotDinner (Photographed/Featured in UW Daily’s “Lifestyle” Page)
12-06-2010 | Tau Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
12-17-2010 | White Elephant Exchange with ΧΣΑ; Finished Finals Friday Party at Lambda House
01-07-2011 | Winter Quarter “Pretty Much Amazing” Kick-Off Party at Lambda House
01-07-2011 | Midyear at Dallas, Texas
01-12-2011 | Brotherhood Bowling
01-17-2011 | MLK Day of Service at Small Faces Child Development Center (Part I); Featured in a National MLK Challenge Video Contest; Won First Place
01-18-2011 | Spring Rush Begins
01-20-2011 | Rush: Info Night at Lambda House; Game Night Mixer with ΣΨΖ
01-21-2011 | Rush Party with ΧΣΑ at Lambda House
01-27-2011 | Rush: Info Night at Lambda House
01-28-2011 | Rush Party with ΧΣΑ at Lambda House
01-29-2011 | Rush: BBQ with ΣΨΖ at Lambda House
01-31-2011 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night with Lambda Lil Sis and Interviews
02-06-2011 | Super Bowl XLV
02-07-2011 | Risk Management Educational Workshop with αΚΔΦ and Bahk Law Firm
02-11-2011 | ASUW Lobby Day at Olympia, Stood on Front Row of Capitol Steps Protest and Filmed on KOMO and King5 News
02-12-2011 | Eval-U-Date Mixer with αΚΔΦ, ΧΣΑ, ΣΨΖ
02-16-2011 | Brotherhood Dinner at Applebee’s
02-19-2011 | President’s Day Weekend in Canada with ΣΨΖ
02-25-2011 | Reinstated into UGC as a Registered Student Organization
02-25-2001 | Attended ΣΒΡ’s Probate on Red Square
02-26-2011 | Volunteered at Small Faces Child Development Center (Part II)
02-26-2011 | Attended αΚΔΦ Presents at Condon Hall
02-28-2011 | Alpha Zeta Chapter Alumni Association Incorporated as a Washington Non-Profit
03-02-2011 | Attended ΩΔΦ’s Probate on Campus
03-04-2011 | Attended ASC Talent Show at Kane Hall
03-26-2011 | Hike up Rattlesnake Ledge with ΧΣΑ
03-30-2011 | Attended ΖΦΒ Probate at Red Square
04-01-2011 | Volunteered at JSA’s Paper Crane Making Day at Terry-Lander Hall
04-09-2011 | Volunteered at Wing Luke Museum’s Benefit Auction Dinner
04-15-2011 | Volunteered Back Stage at ΧΣΑ’s Music 4 Life Benefit Show
04-17-2011 | Volunteered at ΠΝΙ’s Literacy Jamboree
04-22-2011 | “Break Necks, Not Hearts” Party at Lambda House
04-29-2011 | Performed at ΣΨΖ Step Show
05-01-2011 | Performed Step at API Celebration at Seattle Center House ; Brotherhood House BBQ
05-07-2011 | Host “Olympus” Greek Games with UGC at Magnuson Park
05-11-2011 | Fundraised at ASC’s Bite of Asia
05-13-2011 | Tau Class Installs at Ray’s Boat House
05-14-2011 | Attended αΚΔΦ Car Wash Fundraiser at Northgate Jiffy Lube
05-14-2011 | Attended ΣΨΖ Installs at Columbia Tower
05-20-2011 | Members Presented at Undergraduate Research Symposium ;
05-20-2011 | Attended ΖΚΕ Installs at Daniel’s Broiler
05-21-2011 | Relay for Life at Husky Stadium
05-25-2011 | Attended UGC Anti-Hazing Awareness Workshop
05-27-2011 | Convention XXII at Buffalo, NY: President’s Meeting, Brotherhood Showcase, αΚΔΦ Club Party at Pure Nightclub
05-28-2011 | Attended ΧΣΑ Installs at Salty’s
05-28-2011 | Convention XXII: Expansion Meeting, National Meeting, Leadership Summit, Exchange with MSU αΚΔΦ and JHU ΛΦΕ, ΛΦΕ Party
05-29-2011 | Convention XXII: Brotherhood Basketball Tournament, Banquet: Alpha Zeta Chapter takes First Place for Philanthropy Award of the Year
06-01-2011 | Attended UGC Academic Night on Campus
06-04-2011 | Attended UGC Mardi Gras Banquet on Campus at Health Sciences Rotunda
06-05-2011 | House Photo in front of Suzzallo Library
06-10-2011 | Attended αΚΔΦ Installs at Rock Salt
06-11-2011 | Attended UW Commencement at Husky Stadium
06-18-2011 | Service: Walk for Rice at Seward Park; Brotherhood Dim Sum
06-26-2011 | Attended ΧΣΑ Car Wash
07-02-2011 | Grab-A-Date Movie Night at Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX
07-17-2011 | Lambdas Roll Through Bite of Seattle
07-23-2011 | Lambdas and Friends on a Weekend Trip to Canada
07-31-2011 | Lambdas and Friends Paintball

2011-2012 | President Bryan Dosono

08-06-2011 | Service: From Hiroshima to Hope at Green Lake
08-19-2011 | ΛΦΕ National Orientation & αΚΔΦ Back-To-School Retreat at WA, DC
09-01-2011 | Move into House on 4717 18th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
09-11-2011 | Alumni BBQ at Lambda House
09-19-2011 | Attended First Year Program’s Dawg Daze Leader Training
09-23-2011 | Tabling at OMA&D’s Welcome Daze Festival in Mary Gates Hall
09-23-2011 | “End of Summer” Party at Lambda House
09-25-2011 | Brotherhood Trip to Las Vegas
09-28-2011 | Tabling at Student Activities Fair in Red Square, Sponsored Wells Fargo
09-30-2011 | “Lift Off” House Party, Sponsored by Drink Neuro
10-04-2011 | Rush: First Info Night, Sponsored by Kaplan
10-05-2011 | Rush: “Gotta Have It” Eating Competition
10-06-2011 | Rush: Second Info Night, Sponsored by Kaplan
10-07-2011 | Rush: “H.A.M” Rush Party with ΧΣΑ
10-08-2011 | Rush: “New Day” Bonfire with ΣΨΖ at Golden Gardens
10-08-2011 | Rush: “Who Gon Stop Me” Pong Tournament with ΣΨΖ at Lambda House
10-10-2011 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night & Interviews
10-16-2011 | Brotherhood Basketball Scrimmage
10-21-2011 | Attended αΚΔΦ’s “Boobie Beats” Breast Cancer Awareness Showcase
10-27-2011 | Pumpkin Carving Mixer with ΧΣΑ at Lambda House
10-28-2011 | Tabled for UGC at ASUW Homecoming Rally alongside IFC, Panhellenic, NPHC, and UWAA; Lambda Selected to Homecoming Court
10-29-2011 | Asylum Halloween Party with ΧΣΑ at King Cat Theater
11-03-2011 | Asian Cinema Screening Fundraiser with αΚΔΦ at Smith Hall
11-05-2011 | Bid Night at Ivar’s Salmon House Restaurant
11-06-2011 | Attended αΚΔΦ Fall Presents at Savery Hall
11-11-2011 | PA Brotherhood Football Scrimmage
11-14-2011 | Bone Marrow Drive Education Workshop at Smith Hall
11-16-2011 | Bone Marrow Drive in front of By George Cafe with Puget Sound Blood Center, αΚΔΦ, and Alpha Phi Sorority
11-18-2011 | Participated in ASC’s Fried Rice Night at South Campus Center
11-22-2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner at Lambda House
11-28-2011 | Attended ΣΨΖ’s Domestic Violence Movie Forum
11-29-2011 | ΛΦΕ Delegate to ASUW Senate Jonathan Bui Votes in Favor of Diversity Credit Requirement
11-30-2011 | Full Reinstatement into the United Greek Council
11-30-2011 | Lambdas Featured in Center Spread of UW Daily on Minority Greeks (“Dimensions of Diversity” Week-Long Exposé)
12-03-2011 | Upsilon Class Crosses at 7:41 AM
12-03-2011 | Competed in UGC Co-ed Volleyball Tournament with ΛΘA Sorority to Win First Place
12-05-2011 | Upsilon Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
12-07-2011 | Attended UGC Dead Week Study Night
12-14-2011 | Philanthropy: Donated 40+ Lids to AKA’s Yogurt Drive for Susan G. Komen Foundation
12-16-2011 | Holiday Mixer (Gingerbread House Making and Ugly Sweater Social) with ΣΨΖ
01-03-2012 | Winter Rush Tabling Begins
01-05-2012 | Attended ΚΑΨ’s probate on Red Square
01-06-2012 | Rush: Back to School Party at Lambda House
01-07-2012 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Winter Installs at Rock Salt
01-09-2012 | Rush: Info Night and Career Panel
01-10-2012 | Rush: Dessert Night with ΣΨΖ at Lambda House
01-11-2012 | Rush: Info Night and Career Panel
01-12-2012 | Rush: Game Night Mixer with αΚΔΦ at Lambda House
01-13-2012 | Rush Party with ΧΣΑ at Lambda House
01-14-2012 | Rush: Pong Tournament at Lambda House
01-16-2012 | Service: MLK Day with Cascades Science Center Foundation at Student RND
01-16-2012 | Mikey’s 19th Birthday at Palace Korean BBQ with ΧΣΑ
01-17-2012 | Rush: Interviews and Pool Night at Jillian’s
01-19-2012 | Snow Day Mixer with ΣΨΖ at Lambda House
01-24-2012 | Game Night Mixer with αΚΔΦ at Lambda House
01-27-2012 | Attended ΣΒΡ’s probate on Red Square
02-03-2012 | Attended ASUW Lobby Day in Olympia
02-03-2012 | Weekend-long Brotherhood/JA Retreat in Leavenworth
02-10-2012 | Supported Make-A-Wish Foundation at surprise flash mob in Red Square
02-11-2012 | Eval-U-Date Mixer with αΚΔΦ, ΧΣΑ, and ΣΨΖ
02-12-2012 | Supported and played in ΣΛΒ’s Flag Football Fundraiser
02-13-2012 | Attended ECC’s Ice Cream Social with RSO Advisers
02-17-2012 | Attended NPHC Yard Show in Red Square
02-18-2012 | Winter 2012 Bid Night Ceremony at Ivar’s Salmon House
02-19-2012 | Attended UGC Dodgeball mixer at IMA
02-19-2012 | Basketball scrimmage with ΣΒΡ at IMA
02-24-2012 | Bryan and James’ Birthday Night Out
02-25-2012 | Service: Adopt-A-Street cleanup in Chinatown
02-25-2012 | National Founder’s Day Dinner
02-27-2012 | Hosted Domestic Violence Awareness Education Workshop with Asian Pacific Islander Safety Center at Savery Hall
03-02-2012 | Lambdas win first place at “Step Out Against Domestic Violence” Showcase; Victory Featured in The Daily
03-03-2012 | Attended αΚΔΦ Spring 2012 New Member Presents
03-06-2012 | Service: Donated garments from in-house clothing drive to ROOTS (Rising Out of the Shadows) Homeless Shelter
03-07-2012 | Attended UGC Academic Night
03-07-2012 | Bryan Dosono is first UW Lambda inducted into Order of Omega
03-08-2012 | Service: Candlelight Vigil at King County Courthouse
03-08-2012 | Attended ΚΔΧ Probate on Red Square
03-19-2012 | Brotherhood Spring Break Road Trip to NorCal Region: Sac State (Mu Chapter), San Jose (Rho Chapter), Santa Cruz (Kappa Chapter), Stanford (Theta Chapter), and San Francisco (Omicron Chapter)
03-22-2012 | Mixer with Xi Charter of ΣΨΖ at International District
03-24-2012 | “Trillest” Back To School Party
03-31-2012 | Phi Class Crosses at 7:21 AM
04-01-2012 | Performed Step at CSA/HKSA/ThaiSA’s Culture Shock Food Festival
04-02-2012 | Phi Class Brotherhood Initiation Ceremony
04-04-2012 | Tabling for Lambda Lil Sis: Zeta Class Rush Begins
04-04-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Info Night and Ice Cream Social I
04-05-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Game Night, Sponsored by Jones Soda
04-05-2012 | Attended ΣΛΓ’s Probate on Red Square
04-07-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Bone Marrow Education Philanthropy Workshop
04-07-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Family Dim Sum at Bamboo Village Restaurant
04-08-2012 | Attended ΣΒΡ Shoot Out Basketball Tournament at IMA
04-09-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Info Night and Ice Cream Social II
04-10-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Family Bowling Night at Brunswick Majestic Lanes
04-11-2012 | Attended UGC Anti-Hazing Workshop
04-11-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Family Rock Climbing Night at IMA
04-12-2012 | Lil Sis Rush: Formal Interviews
04-13-2012 | Fundraising Snow Cones at ASC Talent Show Night Market
04-15-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis Orientation at Oasis Bubble Tea
04-16-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Big Bro Reveal
04-16-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Family Buffet Night
04-21-2012 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Spring 2012 Installs
04-22-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Step Practice at C5 Parking Lot
04-23-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Nickname Reveal
04-23-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Family Karaoke Night
04-23-2012 | Officially Endorsed ProgressUW Ticket for ASUW Elections
04-26-2012 | Attended Relay for Life Planning Meeting and Won Pizza Party for being the Largest RSO in Attendance
04-26-2012 | Attended ΚΑΨ Probate at Red Square
04-26-2012 | Attended ΛΘA’s Big Man On Campus Pageant to Support Mikey Mazique
04-27-2012 | Attended Poly Day on Red Square
04-27-2012 | Performed Step at MAPS’ 10th Annual Talent Show
04-28-2012 | Attended Green Dot Training and Certification
04-28-2012 | Attended JSA’s Matsuri Festival on Red Square
04-29-2012 | Service: Literacy Jamboree at Filipino Community Center
04-30-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Line Number Reveal
04-30-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Ultimate Frisbee Scrimmage
05-02-2012 | Attended UW Student Life’s All-Greek Photo Shoot at Red Square
05-02-2012 | Bryan Dosono Elected as United Greek Council President
05-04-2012 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Music4Life Benefit Concert
05-04-2012 | Hosted “Mayhem” Spring Party at China Harbor with ΚΑΨ & ΣΛΒ 
05-05-2012 | Movie Outing to Watch “The Avengers”
05-05-2012 | Brotherhood: Alumni Poker Night at Lambda House
05-06-2012 | Performed Step at API Heritage Month Celebration at Seattle Center House
05-06-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Sisterhood at Cedar Apartments
05-07-2012 | Philanthropy: Tabling on Red Square for Hepatitis B Awareness Week; Modeled for Team HBV’s “Little People, Big Message” Posters; Featured in The Daily
05-07-2012 | Contributed to SAB Focus Group on Asian American Admissions
05-07-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Sharpshooting at Lambda House
05-07-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Talent Show
05-09-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Thai Iced Tea Fundraiser on Red Square
05-09-2012 | Attended ΓΑΩ Probate Beside Johnson Hall
05-09-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Study Tables at Terry/Lander Hall
05-11-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Thai Iced Tea Fundraiser on Red Square
05-11-2012 | Presented at Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership
05-11-2012 | Attended Team HBV’s Community Health Forum
05-11-2012 | Attended UGC Banquet; Lambdas Win Excellence in Community Service, Excellence in New Member Education, Excellence in Public Relations, Excellence in Recruitment Programming, Excellence in Social Programming, Outstanding New Member (Mikey Mazique), and Outstanding Chapter of the Year
05-12-2012 | Attended NPHC Emerald City Step Show
05-12-2012 | Service: Relay For Life at Dempsey Indoor Field
05-13-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Family Camping Night
05-14-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Crossing and Initiation
05-15-2012 | Fundraised at ASC’s Bite of Asia and Attended αΚΔΦ’s Pie Booth
05-15-2012 | Lambda Representative Andrew Yeh Modeled for TSA/TOSA Night Market Calendar
05-16-2012 | Tabled in Red Square for SPEP Philanthropy Day
05-18-2012 | Attended Undergraduate Research Symposium
05-18-2012 | Attended ASC Holi Festival
05-18-2012 | Attended ΣΛΓ Probate at Red Square
05-19-2012 | Installation Ceremony 2012 at Mccormick & Schmick’s
05-19-2012 | Attended αΚΔΦ Installs at Rock Salt
05-20-2012 | Hosted UGC “Olympus: Hunger Games” at Brighton Playfields
05-20-2012 | Attended ΣΛΒ Rock ‘n Roll Grill Fundraiser
05-23-2012 | Attended ECC Gala at UW Tower
05-24-2012 | Attended ECC’s “Raise the Roof” Party and Signed the Construction Beam for the New ECC
05-24-2012 | Convention XXIII: Hosted by Pi Chapter at Houston, Texas; Pre-Convention Party at Club District
05-25-2012 | Convention XXIII: Registration, Opening Ceremonies, αΚΔΦ Club Night at Isis
05-26-2012 | Convention XXIII: General Assembly, Lunch, Leadership Summit, Alumni Networking Event, Private Mixer with Toronto αΚΔΦ, ΛΦΕ Club Night at Stereo Live
05-27-2012 | Convention XXIII: Expansion Meeting, Basketball Tournament, Philanthropy Event at John S. Dunn Outreach Center, Banquet (Honorable Mention for National Philanthropy Award), Alpha Zeta Chapter Private Joint Mixer with JMU & UMich & VCU & Wisconsin αΚΔΦ
05-28-2012 | Convention XXIII: Check Out 
05-30-2012 | Attended ΑΚΑ Probate at Red Square
05-30-2012 | Attended UGC Academic Night 
06-02-2012 | House Photos at Suzzallo Library and Drumheller Fountain
06-02-2012 | Lambda Lil Sis: Pre-Finals Midnight BBQ
06-08-2012 | Attended ZKE Installs
06-09-2012 | Fundraised and Celebrated Academic Achievement at UW Commencement in CenturyLink Field

2012-2013 | President Frankie Acfalle

06-10-2012 | Summer BBQ Social with αΚΔΦ
06-11-2012 | Brother Benny Tran Selected as UW Team HBV’s 2012-2013 Vice President of Administration
06-28-2012 | Brotherhood Go-Karting at Traxx Indoor Raceway
06-30-2012 | Performed Step and Volunteered at Asian Counseling and Referral Service’s “Walk for Rice” Fundraiser
07-01-2012 | Supported αΚΔΦ’s Car Wash Fundraiser
07-05-2012 | Alki Beach Hangout with Founders, Lambda Lil Sis, and Actives
07-12-2012 | Pre-expansion BBQ mixer with ΧΣΑ at Lambda House
07-15-2012 | Volunteered at Dragon Fest, Held on Lambda Phi Epsilon’s Adopted Street in Chinatown
07-15-2012 | Bowling with Alumni and Lambda Lil Sis
07-21-2012 | Brotherhood at Bite of Seattle
07-22-2012 | Volunteered at Warrior Dash for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
07-28-2012 | Raised Awareness for World Hepatitis Day By Participating in “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” Campaign
07-28-2012 | Summer Social Kickback at Lambda House
08-06-2012 | Volunteered at From Hiroshima to Hope Lantern Floating Ceremony
08-11-2012 | Volunteered to Clean the Danny Woo Community Garden
08-17-2012 | Week-long Expansion Retreat with ΧΣΑ and WSU Asian Interest Group
08-17-2012 | Attended National Orientation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
09-11-2012 | Raised Asian Awareness in Promoting Seattle Night Market & Moon Festival
09-15-2012 | Volunteered with ΧΣΑ at Hell Run to Support the Livestrong Foundation
09-19-2012 | Attended Lambda Little Sis Taylor’an Trang Truong’s Wedding
09-19-2012 | Organized First Ever End-Of-Summer Social that Brought All 12 Houses of UGC for the First Time in a House Party Setting
09-21-2012 | Rush: Tabled at the UW OMAD Welcome Daze Carnival
09-21-2012 | Rush: Back to School 90’s Throwback Party
09-22-2012 | Rush: UGC Dawg Daze “Go Greek” Informationals
09-22-2012 | Attended Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Leadership Summit
09-22-2012 | Volunteered at International District’s Night Market & Moon Festival
09-25-2012 | Partnered with Kollaboration Seattle and the National Association of Asian American Professionals to Host a Leadership Development Workshop for Dawg Daze (Break the Bamboo Ceiling: Opportunities for Incoming Asian American Students)
09-27-2012 | Rush: Info Night and Career Panel with Alumni
09-28-2012 | Rush: Party with Lambda Lil Sis
09-29-2012 | Attended UGC’s Foursquare and Ice Cream Social Mixer
09-29-2012 | Rush: BBQ Eating Contest
10-01-2012 | Rush: Info Night and Career Panel with Alumni
10-01-2012 | Affiliated with API Chaya’s “Partners in Community Empowerment” Project
10-02-2012 | Rush: Sports Field Day at Denny Field
10-04-2012 | Rush: Game Night with αΚΔΦ
10-04-2012 | Korean BBQ Brotherhood Dinner
10-04-2012 | Partnered with ASUW Asian Student Commission and ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission to Hold a Voter Registration Drive a Viewing Party of the First Presidential Debate
10-05-2012 | Rush: Casino Royale Game Night and Rush Party with ΧΣΑ
10-06-2012 | Rush: Bonfire and S’mores ΣΨΖ at Golden Gardens
10-08-2012 | Rush: Interviews and Pool Night at Jillian’s with Lambda Lil Sis
10-13-2012 | Supporting αΚΔΦ’s Breast Cancer Awareness Showcase for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade
10-14-2012 | Brotherhood Dinner at Tamarind Tree
10-15-2012 | Brother Mikey Mazique Elected as Director of Public Relations for OMAD’s Student Advisory Board
10-25-2012 | Pumpkin Carving Mixer with ΧΣΑ
10-26-2012 | Brother Bryan Dosono Crowned Homecoming King
10-27-2012 | “Asylum” Halloween Party with ΧΣΑ
10-28-2012 | Attended αΚΔΦ at their Fall 2012 New Member Presents
11-03-2012 | Attended ΣΛΒ & ΣΛΓ’s Stroll Competition
11-04-2012 | Brotherhood Dinner at Siam Thai Cuisine on Eastlake
11-06-2012 | Attended Ethnic Cultural Center’s Election Night Watch Party; Partnered with 18 Million Rising to Promote Voter Registration Efforts within the API Community
11-11-2012 | Fall 2012 Bid Night at Salty’s on Alki
11-12-2012 | Marrow Registration Drive Training Workshop
11-13-2012 | Week-long Marrow Registration Drive with ΣΨΖ, Asian American Donor Program (AADP), and Puget Sound Blood Center in front of HUB
11-14-2012 | Attended ASC Social Mixer
11-14-2012 | Attended UGC Anti-Hazing Workshop
11-15-2012 | Attended ΣΨΖ’s Domestic Violence Forum
11-17-2012 | Attended Alumni Association Thanksgiving Social
11-20-2012 | Thanksgiving Dinner with Actives, Alumni, and Lambda Lil Sis
12-01-2012 | Fall 2012 Chi Class Crossing
12-01-2012 | Crossing Party with ΧΣΑ at the Lambda House
12-05-2012 | Attended UGC Academic Night
12-06-2012 | Attended UGC & Panhellenic’s Study Slam
12-07-2012 | Attended UGC Potluck Social in HUB
12-17-2012 | Holiday Mixer with Lambda Lil Sis and ΧΣΑ
01-09-2013 | Rush: BBQ at Lambda House
01-10-2013 | Rush: Info Night I
01-11-2013 | Rush: Flyering at ECC Grand Opening, Sponsored by Google
01-11-2013 | Rush: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Back to School Party
01-12-2013 | Attended ΧΣΑ Winter Installation Ceremony
01-14-2013 | ASC Named ΛΦΕ as Organization of the Week
01-14-2013 | Rush: Brotherhood Bowling Night
01-15-2013 | Rush: Crepe Night with ΣΨΖ
01-16-2013 | Rush: Info Night II
01-17-2013 | Rush: Game Night with αΚΔΦ
01-18-2013 | Rush: House Party with ΧΣΑ
01-21-2013 | Service: Volunteering at New ECC with ΧΣΑ
01-21-2013 | Rush: Pool Night with Lambda Lil Sis
01-26-2013 | Competed in Microsoft Case Competition with Lambda Lil Sis
01-27-2013 | Brotherhood: Actives vs Alumni Basketball Scrimmage
02-03-2013 | Brotherhood: Junior Active Retreat
02-10-2013 | Mixer: Ice Skating with αΚΔΦ
02-11-2013 | Supported UGC’s Crush Can Valentine Fundraiser
02-14-2013 | Hosted a Step Workshop at ECC for Founders Weekend
02-15-2013 | Attended αΚΔΦ New Member Presents
02-15-2013 | Attended CSA, TSA, SYZ’s “Light’s Out” Club Night
02-16-2013 | Hosted Spring 2013 Bid Night at Salty’s on Alki
02-17-2013 | Service: Founders Weekend Chinatown Cleanup
02-18-2013 | Academics: Founders Weekend Study Spree
02-19-2013 | Attended ΩΔΦ Probate at Drumheller Fountain
02-25-2013 | Hosted National Founders Day Dinner at the Lambda House
03-02-2013 | Service: Hot Chocolate Run for Ronald McDonald House Charities
03-03-2013 | Spring Brotherhood PA Football Game
03-03-2013 | Spring Brotherhood Basketball Game
03-06-2013 | Won SPEP’s “Huskies in Action” Contest
03-07-2013 | Service: Domestic Violence Vigil with API Chaya and ΣΨΖ
03-08-2013 | Won First Place at ΣΨΖ’s Step Out Showcase
03-09-2013 | Fundraiser: Sold Taiwanese Beverages at ASC Night Market
03-13-2013 | Attended UGC Winter Quarter Academic Night
03-14-2013 | Attended ΚΔΧ Probate at Red Square
03-15-2013 | Attended UGC Winter Quarter Potluck Social
03-20-2013 | Brotherhood Dinner for Thuc Nguyen at Crawfish King
03-24-2013 | Established Colony Chapter at Washington State University
04-01-2013 | Attended ΣΛΒ’s Probate at Red Square
04-06-2013 | Spring 2013 Psi Class Crossing
04-07-2013 | Step: Culture Shock
04-07-2013 | Attended ΑΦΑ’s Probate at Red Square
04-09-2013 | Attended ΛΘA’s Probate at The Quad
04-09-2013 | Hosted Ice Cream Social with Lil Sis at Lambda House
04-10-2013 | Hosted Grab-A-Crepe Night with αΚΔΦ at Lambda House
04-11-2013 | Hosted HUB Game Night with Lil Sis
04-13-2013 | Hosted WSU Charter Class Probate
04-14-2013 | Attended UGC Basketball Tournament at IMA
04-17-2013 | Tabled at OMAD’s Purple and Gold Experience
04-20-2013 | Supported Lil Sis Jennifer Nguyen at VSA Hoa Khoi Pageant
04-21-2013 | Supported ΣΒΡ’s Shoot Out for SOS Children’s Villages
04-26-2013 | Fundraised at Polynesian Day 2013
04-26-2013 | Hosted BBQ House Mixer with αΚΔΦ
04-27-2013 | Service: Relay for Life with ΧΣΑ
05-02-2013 | Attended UGC’s Civic Empowerment Workshop
05-03-2013 | Camping with Lil Sis
05-03-2013 | Attended UGC/IFC/Panhellenic’s Civic Empowerment Forum at Hillel
05-04-2013 | Lil Sis Crossing: Eclectic Eta Class
05-04-2013 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Installation Ceremony at The Edgewater Hotel
05-05-2013 | Hosted Spring 2013 Installation Ceremony at Mccormicks and Schmicks
05-08-2013 | Step: Operation Smile’s 3rd Annual UW’s Got Talent at Ethnic Cultural Center
05-09-2013 | Attended ΣΛΒ’s Probate at Red Square
05-09-2013 | Step: API Heritage Month Celebration at Seattle Center House
05-10-2013 | Attended Team HBV’s Hepatitis B Awareness Week Movie Screening
05-10-2013 | Supported ΧΣΑ’s Music 4 Life Benefit Show for Make-A-Wish Foundation
05-10-2013 | Attended αΚΔΦ’s Installation Ceremony at Hotel Deca
05-11-2013 | Hosted Joint Mixer with αΚΔΦ and ΔΛΦ at Quad
05-11-2013 | Attended ΣΨΖ’s Installs at World Trade Center
05-11-2013 | Attended Taiwanese Student Association’s Night Market
05-15-2013 | Tabled at ASC’s Bite of Asia & Taste of Oceania
05-15-2013 | Attended UGC’s S’mores Greek Week Event
05-16-2013 | Service: Volunteered at ΠΝΙ Literacy Jamboree at Ethnic Cultural Center
05-16-2013 | Won First Place at ΣΛΓ’s Orgs Got Talent Showcase
05-17-2013 | Attended Asian Student Commission’s Holi Day
05-17-2013 | Attended UGC’s Banquet; Lambdas Win Excellence in Educational Programming, Excellence in Public Relations, Excellence in Recruitment Programming, Excellence in Social Programming, and Overall Chapter of the Year
05-18-2013 | Won First Place in ASC Sports Day with FASA
05-18-2013 | Attended αΚΔΦ & ΦΚΘ’s Red Carpet Affair at Club Sur
05-22-2013 | Won Outstanding Organization for Community Service at ECC Gala
05-26-2013 | ΛΦΕ Convention XXIV: Won Chapter of the Year
05-31-2013 | Fundraised at Rick’s Cafe
06-01-2013 | Step: Rising SEA’s Conference for College Bound Youth
06-05-2013 | Attended UGC’s Academic Night
06-05-2013 | Attended ΓΑΩ’s Probate at Molecular Engineering Building
06-14-2013 | Inducted into the HUB Hall of Fame for Student Activities
06-15-2013 | Celebrated Academic Achievement at UW Commencement in CenturyLink Field

2013-2014 | President Gary Ho

06-29-2013 | Service and Step: ACRS’ Walk for Rice
07-20-2013 | Service: Warrior Dash for St. Jude’s Hospital with αΚΔΦ
09-01-2013 | Move into House on 5225 15th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105
08-08-2013 | Service: Hiroshima to Hope with αΚΔΦ
08-10-2013 | ΛΦΕ National Orientation
09-14-2013 | Service: Hell Run with ΧΣΑ to Support Livestrong Foundation
09-24-2013 | Rush: Tabled at Dawg Daze & UGC’s BBQ on Red Square
09-26-2013 | Rush: Info Night #1, Sponsored by Kaplan
09-27-2013 | Rush: Annual Back to School Party with Lambda Lil Sis
09-28-2013 | Rush: Brotherhood BBQ
10-01-2013 | Tabled with αΚΔΦ at ECC’s Asian American Community Luncheon
10-02-2013 | Rush: Game & Crepes Night with αΚΔΦ
10-03-2013 | Rush: Info Night #2, Sponsored by Kaplan
10-04-2013 | Rush: #TURNTUP Party with ΧΣΑ
10-04-2013 | Rush: Game Night with ΧΣΑ
10-05-2013 | Rush: Bonfire with ΣΨΖ at Golden Gardens
10-05-2013 | Attended WSU ΛΦΕ Bid Night at Fireside Grille
10-07-2013 | Rush: Jillian’s Pool Night & Interviews with Lambda Lil Sis
10-17-2013 | Social: Pumpkin Carving Mixer with ΧΣΑ
10-18-2013 | Attended αΚΔΦ’s “Boobie Beats” Breast Cancer Awareness Showcase
10-25-2013 | Step: Won 1st Place for Movement at Homecoming’s Top Dawg Competition
11-02-2013 | Supported ΣΛΒ’s and ΣΛΓ’s Stroll Competition at Kane Hall
11-04-2013 | Philanthropy: Hosted Week Long Bone Marrow Drive on Red Square
11-03-2013 | Attended Green Dot Training with Lambda Lil Sis and αΚΔΦ
11-06-2013 | Philanthropy: Information Night about National Bone Marrow Registry Drive in HUB
11-09-2013 | Hosted ΛΦΕ Fall Bid Night at Maggiano’s Little Italy
11-13-2013 | Attended UGC’s Anti-Hazing Workshop
11-21-2013 | Service: All Greek Street Clean Up with Panhellenic Council
11-22-2013 | Social: Attended Ice Skating at Grab-a-Date with αΚΔΦ, ΠΑΦ, ΦΚΘ
11-22-2013 | Attended UGC’s Thanksgiving Potluck
11-22-2013 | Hosted Grab-A-Date at Family Fun Center
11-23-2013 | Service: Adopt A Street Clean Up in Chinatown
11-24-2013 | Brotherhood: Turkey Bowl Football Game with Alumni
11-25-2013 | Fundraising: Selling Candy Grams with UGC
12-04-2013 | Attended UGC’s Academic Night
12-05-2013 | Attended 1st Annual ASUW Husky Leadership Retreat
12-05-2013 | Won Seattle’s Favorite API Youth Organization at International Examiner’s Northwest Asian Pacific American Reader’s Choice Awards
01-10-2014 | Fall 2013 Alpha Alpha Class Crossing
01-11-2014 | Hosted ΛΦΕ Midyear Conference
01-14-2014 | Rush: Fondue Night with ΣΨΖ
01-17-2014 | Rush: Hosted Game Night with ΧΣΑ
01-18-2014 | Rush: Kickback with αΚΔΦ
01-20-2014 | Service: Rallied for MLK Day of Service with United Way of King County
01-24-2014 | Hosted Family Potluck with Alumni, Actives, and Lil Sis
01-29-2014 | Supported ASUW’s “Through Our Eyes” Showcase at the Ethnic Cultural Center
02-02-2014 | Hosted Super Bowl Viewing Party at Lambda House
02-03-2014 | Attended Chinese Student Association’s Chinese New Year Gala
02-08-2014 | Presented Sunset Stories at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival
02-09-2014 | Brotherhood: Winter Retreat 2014
02-12-2014 | Attended Leadership Workshop at Ethnic Cultural Center
02-18-2014 | Attended ASUW ASC’s Winter Social at HUB
02-19-2014 | Supported αΚΔΦ’s 2014 New Member Presents
02-21-2014 | Fundraiser: Sold Cinnabons at the 26th Annual ASC Talent Show
02-28-2014 | Social: Eval-U-Date with ΧΣΑ, αΚΔΦ, and ΣΨΖ
03-02-2014 | Service: Hot Chocolate Run for Ronald McDonald House Charities
03-04-2014 | Performed at FASA’s Open Mic
03-05-1014 | Social: House Mixer with ΛΘΑ
03-06-2014 | Service: API Chaya’s Candlelight Vigil for Domestic Violence Awareness
03-08-2014 | Athletics: Participated in CSA/JSA/VSA’s Sports Day
03-09-2014 | Attended UGC’s Potluck and Movie Night
03-09-2014 | Brotherhood: Mud Bowl 2014
03-11-2014 | Service: Seattle Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center of Nikkei Concerns
03-12-2014 |Advocacy: Voted in the Resolution for the Reversal of the International Student Fee in ASUW Senate
04-05-2014 | Social: Mixer with ΧΣΑ
04-11-2014 | Step: Performed at ΣΨΖ Step Out 2014 Against Domestic Violence
04-24-2014 | Brotherhood: Basketball Tournament 2014
04-24-2014 | Supported αΚΔΦ’s Alcohol Awareness Presentation
04-25-2014 | Supported ΧΣΑ & ΛΦΕ at Poly Day 2014
04-27-2014 | Attended ΧΣΑ’s Installation Ceremony
04-28-2014 | Leadership: Recognized as ASC’s RSO of the Week
04-29-2014 | Social: Mixer with ΣΨΖ
05-04-2014 | Lambda Lis Sis Theta Class Crossing
05-09-2014 | ΛΦΕ Alpha Alpha Class Installation Ceremony
05-11-2014 | Promoted Asian Awareness at Taiwanese Student Association’s Night Market
05-13-2014 | Fundraiser: ASC’s Bite of Seattle at HUB Lawn
05-16-2014 | Service: Attended ΧΣΑ’s Music 4 Life Benefit Show for Make-A-Wish Foundation
05-17-2014 | Culture: tended ASC’s Holi Festival with ΣΨΖ
05-21-2014 | Won Community Service Award at ECC Annual Gala
05-23-2014 | ΛΦΕ Convention XXV in Orlando, Florida
05-29-2014 | Brotherhood: Retreat at Ocean Shores
05-30-2014 | Attended UGC’s Banquet; Lambdas Win Excellence in Social Programming, Education, Community Service, and Overall Chapter of the Year & Steven Nguyen Receives Outstanding New Member of the Year
05-30-2014 | Service: Participated in Pie-A-Mobile by MedLife
06-01-2014 | Attended ΣΨΖ’s Installation Ceremony
06-01-2014 | Attended αΚΔΦ’s Installation Ceremony
06-02-2014 | Attended XΣΑ’s End of the Year Banquet
06-04-2014 | Attended ΣΛΓ’s Probate
06-14-2014 | Attended UW Commencement 2014 at Husky Stadium

2015 | President Brian Choi

01-08-2015 | Rush: Info Night #1 at Savery Hall
01-08-2015 | Archived Lambda Rush Flyers & Newspaper Articles at the Filipino American National Historical Society
01-08-2015 | Attended UW UGC’s Annual Leadership Retreat
01-09-2015 | Rush: House Party
01-09-2015 | Fall 2014 Alpha Beta Class Crossing
01-10-2015 | Rush: Brotherhood BBQ
01-11-2015 | ΛΦΕ: International Orientation
01-13-2015 | Rush: Sports Day
01-14-2015 | Rush: Carnival Night with αΚΔΦ
01-15-2015 | Rush: Info Night at Savery Hall
01-16-2015 | Rush: Game Night with ΧΣΑ
01-17-2015 | Rush: Scavenger Hunt with ΣΨΖ
01-25-2015 | Brotherhood: Winter Retreat 2015
02-13-2015 | Celebrated Founder’s Day with Alumni
02-15-2015 | Attended αΚΔΦ New Member Presentations
02-22-2015 | Brotherhood: Football Scrimmage with Brothers
03-01-2015 | Service: Hot Chocolate Run for Ronald McDonald House Charities
03-06-2015 | Winter 2015 Alpha Gamma Class Crossing
03-07-2015 | Co-Hosted 1st NAPA 5K with αΚΔΦ, ΠΑΦ, ΣΒΡ & ΣΨΖ
03-08-2015 | Attended ΦΜ Installation Brunch
03-12-2015 | Attended UGC’s Around-The-World Cultural Dialogue Event
03-21-2015 | Brotherhood Road Trip to Santa Cruz
04-06-2015| Canoeing with αΚΔΦ
04-10-2015| Active vs Alumni Basketball at UW IMA
04-11-2015| Volunteered at Nikkei Nursing Home for the Elderly with αΚΔΦ
05-03-2015| Chinatown Clean-up with Lambda Lil-Sis
05-05-2015| Won 5-4 Against ΠΑΦ in Game of Flag Football
05-16-2015| Volunteered with ΧΣΑ at Northwest Harvest
05-17-2015| Alpha Beta and Alpha Gamma Class Installation Ceremony
05-20-2015| Attended ΣΛΓ’s Probate
05-24-2015| ΛΦΕ Convention XXVI in Chicago, Illinois
05-30-2015| Attended 2015 Relay for Life
06-01-2015| Attended UGC’s Banquet, Lambdas Recognized for Excellence in Philanthropy and Excellence in New Member Education
06-16-2015| Attended University of Washington Commencement 2015
07-13-2015| Brotherhood Paintballing
08-06-2015| Volunteered for “From Hiroshima to Hope” at Greenlake Park
08-12-2015| Alumni Happy Hour
08-13-2015| Brotherhood Meetup in Shanghai
08-20-2015| Kappa Class 10 Year Crossing Reunion
09-01-2015| Supported Beta Class Alumni Kawika Stevens at His Wedding
09-25-2015| Rush House Party
10-01-2015| Rush Info Night 1
10-02-2015| Rush Back to School House Party
10-06-2015| Rush Field Games Mixer with αΚΔΦ
10-07-2015| Rush Scavenger Hunt with ΣΨΖ
10-08-2015| Rush Info Night 2
10-09-2015| Rush House Party
10-10-2015| Bonfire Mixer with ΧΣΑ
10-20-2015| Supported αΚΔΦ Breast Cancer Awareness Week
10-22-2015| Pumpkin Carving Mixer With ΧΣΑ
10-23-2015| Attended αΚΔΦ Boobie Beats and Supported Brother Roland Arii
10-23-2015| Thrillest 2015 at Club Sur with ΧΣΑ
10-29-2015| Attended UGC Halloween Banquet
11-06-2015| Supported αΚΔΦ Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser
11-14-2015| Brotherhood Football
11-15-2015| Fall 2015 Bidnight at Maggiano’s Little Italy
11-17-2015| Annual Bone Marrow Drive
11-23-2015| Thanksgiving Dinner with Lambda Little Sis
11-27-2015| Attended University of Washington Apple Cup
12-04-2015| Alpha Delta Class Crossing
12-09-2015| Supported αΚΔΦ Sharetea Fundraiser

2016 | President Kevin Kim

01-05-2016| Started Winter Rush
01-06-2016| Rush: Info Night 1
01-08-2016| Rush Party 1 “Back to School Bash”
01-13-2016| Rush: Game night with ΧΣΆ
01-14-2016| Rush: Info night 2
01-15-2016| Rush: Mixer with ΣΨΖ
01-15-2016| Rush Part 2 “Another One”
01-16-2016| Attended ΛΦΕ Orientation in Atlanta Georgia
01-23-2016| Winter Retreat 2016
01-29-2016| “Hell of a Night” House Party
02-05-2016| Alumni Happy Hour
02-07-2016| Superbowl Kickback with Lambda Lil Sis
02-09-2016| Brother Ian Galope showcases FASA to UW President Ana Mari Cauce
02-12-2016| Supported αΚΔΦ Kiss Rose Fundraiser
02-12-2016| Valentine’s Day House Party
02-13-2016| Grab-a-date at Gameworks
02-14-2016| Celebrated Alpha Zeta Chapter’s Founder’s Day
02-18-2016| UGC Rollerblading Night
02-20-2016| Volunteered at API Mental Health and Wellness Summit
02-21-2016| Brotherhood basketball at UW IMA
02-24-2016| Ice Skating and Kickback with Lambda Lil Sis
02-25-2016| Celebrated Lambda Phi Epsilon’s 35th Anniversary
02-26-2016| “Time of Our Lives” House Party
02-27-2016| Volunteered at Nikkei Nursing Home for the Elderly
02-28-2016| Brotherhood Snowboarding
03-04-2016| “End of Quarter” House Party
03-08-2016| Volunteered at the Hot Chocolate Run in Seattle Center
03-09-2016| UGC Winter Academic Night
03-12-2016| Brotherhood: Rave at Lucky 2016
03-12-2016| Delta Class Alumni Gene Chen Marries
03-21-2016| Brotherhood: Farewell Party as Brother Gilbert Zhou as he returns to Rutgers
04-01-2016| “Back 2 School Bash” House Party with αΚΔΦ
04-08-2016| UGC Spring BBQ
04-15-2016| Supported ΣΨΖ at their annual Step Out Against Domestic Violence Showcase
04-21-2016| “House Party” House Party
04-22-2016| Brother Ian Galope represents UW ΛΦΕ at Northwest FASA Conference
04-30-2016| Volunteered at the Husky Help and Hope Walk
04-30-2016| Attended the ASC Talent Show
04-30-2016| Presented at ΧΣΑ AA Class Installs
05-04-2016| Attended “An Evening With Arthur Chu: Model Minority Myth”
05-05-2016| Attended ΩΔΦ’s Alpha Gamma Class Probate and ΛΘΦ’s Gamma Class Probate
05-05-2016| Attended UGC’s Anti-Hazing and Prevention Seminar
05-06-2016| Holi Festival 2016 hosted by ASC
05-11-2016| UGC Spring Academic Night
05-13-2016| Brotherhood: ASUW Spring Show 2016
05-13-2016| Supported Brother Roland Arii at ΧΣΆ’s annual Music 4 Life Philanthropy
05-13-2016| “House Party II” House Party
05-14-2016| Alpha Delta Class Installation Ceremony
05-18-2016| Brother Kenton Nakamura wins Leadership Award at Annual ECC Gala
05-21-2016| Attended and Presented at ΣΨΖ Alpha Alpha and Alpha Beta Installations
05-25-2016| Voted in UGC Elections; Brother Ian Galope wins President; Nick Wong wins Director of Social Media and Communications
05-27-2016| ΛΦΕ Convention 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona
05-28-2016| ΧΣΑ End of Year Banquet
05-28-2016| Visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona
06-01-2016| Supported ΧΣΑ Water Balloon Fundraiser
06-02-2016| UGC End of the Year Banquet
06-03-2016| Attended and Presented at αΚΔΦ Alpha Epsilon Class Installs
06-14-2016| Brotherhood: Copa America 2016 Argentina vs. Bolivia
09-22-2016| Started Fall Rush for Alpha Epsilon
09-23-2016| Rush: House Party #1
09-29-2016| Rush: Info Night #1
09-30-2016| Rush: House Party #2
10-05-2016| Rush Info night #2
10-06-2016| Rush: Barbecue
10-07-2016| Rush: Bowling with ΧΣΑ + House Party #3

2017 | President Stephen Lam

01-04-2017| Started Winter Rush for Alpha Eta
01-05-2017| Rush: Brotherhood Mixer
01-06-2017| Rush: House Party #1
01-09-2017| Rush: Info Night #1
01-10-2017| Rush: Gingerbread House Mixer WIth αΚΔΦ
01-12-2017| Rush: Info Night #2
01-13-2017| Rush: Game Night with ΧΣΑ
01-13-2017| Rush: House Party #2
02-17-2017| Founders Day Dinner
02-23-2017| Annual Bone Marrow Drive
03-05-2017| Volunteer: Hot Chocolate Run 15k/5k Seattle
03-18-2017| Brotherhood: BBQ #1
03-25-2017| Brotherhood: BBQ #2
03-30-2017| ΛΦΕ & αΚΔΦ Karaoke mixer
04-04-2017| Lil Sis Rush: Spring Roll night
04-05-2017| Lil Sis Rush: Info Night
04-06-2017| Lil Sis Rush: Buffalo Wild Wings
04-07-2017| Lil Sis Rush: Canoeing/ Boba Night
04-07-2017| ΛΦΕ & αΚΔΦ Club Night “Light up the Night”
06-02-2017| Attended United Greek Counsel End of Year Banquet
09-26-2017| United Greek Counsel Back to School BBQ
09-28-2017| Info Night #1
10-01-2017| Brother hood BBQ
10-03-2017| ΛΦΕ & XΣA Mixer
10-04-2017| ΛΦΕ & αΚΔΦ
10-05-2017| Info night II
10-06-2017| ΣΨZ Mixer
10-18-2017| Attended UGC’s Anti Hazing Workshop
10-22-2017| Attended αΚΔΦ’s Annual Booby Beats
10-26-2017| ΛΦΕ & XΣA Spooky Halloween Mixer

Community news

  • What should we celebrate? — Community members reflect on what they’re proud of during APA Heritage Month
    In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Northwest Asian Weekly asked several community members what achievements they were proud of and how they celebrated during heritage month. Article by Northwest Asian Weekly. May 23, 2013.
  • Donating life
    To increase the number of registrations, several Asian American organizations have worked together to raise awareness of the importance of signing up for the bone marrow registry. Article by Northwest Asian Weekly. January 10, 2013.

  • Asian Pacific American heritage at the Center
    The University of Washington Lambda Phi Epsilon Step Performers stay in sync during their routine. Article by Northwest Asian Weekly. May 13, 2010.
  • Pacific Islander heritage celebrated in free event
    As the month of May—Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month—begins, the Asian and Pacific Islander people of the greater Puget Sound area will gather to celebrate their stories and history. Article by The Seattle Times. April 29, 2010.
  • I saved a stranger’s life
    One of our very own bros from UW was matched with a patient in need of a transplant. Read more about this life-saving miracle here. Article by International Examiner. September 16, 2009.

University news

  • Students use day off to serve
    Students joined Seattle citizens in a rally and march to Westlake in honor of Dr. King’s legacy. Gary Ho, along with his fraternity brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, made a point to attend the event. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. January 20, 2014.
  • Step competition amplifies domestic violence message
    Lambda Phi Epsilon’s step team took home first place with its step and stroll performance. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. March 10, 2013.
  • RSO rundown
    From May 7 to 11, Team HBV and Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity are spreading the word about Hepatitis B Awareness Week. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. May 8, 2012.
  • Stomping out violence
    It was a cross between America’s Got Talent and a dance battle scene from “Stomp the Yard.” Article by UW Daily Newspaper. March 12, 2012.
  • Building Greek communities
    Bryan Dosono, the fraternity’s president, stresses, however, that Lambda Phi Epsilon doesn’t “feel that brotherhood should be confined within the boundaries of four walls.” Article by UW Daily Newspaper. November 29, 2011.
  • Nontraditional houses expand Greek community for students
    In an effort to get to know other Asian students in a more connected setting, Bryan Dosono, a junior majoring in informatics, joined Lambda Phi Epsilon, an Asian fraternity at the UW since 1999. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. January 3, 2011.
  • Greeks promote bone-marrow registration
    Donor Ty Huynh Chhor shares her personal experiences with her successful bone marrow transplant, thanks to Lambda Phi Epsilon’s bone marrow drive on campus and the national “Be the Match” program. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. November 10, 2010.
  • Asian-interest Greek groups struggle to reach non-traditional members, overcome norms
    Asian-interest fraternities and sororities re-established their campus presence during last week’s rush by displaying their Greek letters and distributing fliers on Red Square. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. February 18, 2009.
  • Night market draws crowd
    Brothers of the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity performed a step show routine, the Japanese Student Association jazz and ska band, JaSka, performed their live routine and two guitar performances kept the night active with music. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. May 13, 2008.

  • Music 4 Life entertains to support community
    Members of the Lambda Phi Epsilon step team run through their routine last night at the Ethnic Cultural Theater in preparation for tonight’s 7 p.m. Music 4 Life performance at the Museum of History and Industry. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. April 25, 2008.
  • Cultural sisterhood
    The newly pledged sisters were welcomed to the sorority with a presentation of purple flowers (the color of alpha Kappa Delta Phi) from the women of Sigma Psi Zeta and the men of from Pi Alpha Phi, tulips from Lambda Phi Epsilon members, Godiva chocolates and shopping bags full of presents and bamboo plants by sisters of Chi Sigma Alpha. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. March 28, 2006.
  • Marching for dimes
    About 4,000 people have gathered at Seahawks Stadium with two things on their minds: finish a 10-kilometer walkathon, and raise money for prematurely born babies. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. April 28, 2003
  • ASC Cultural Talent Show a smash hit, audience says
    The 15th Annual Cultural Talent Show, presented by the Asian Student Commission, rocked the HUB Ballroom Friday night with loud cheers and chants in response to a variety of talented student performers. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. February 10, 2003.
  • Letters to the editor
    As a friend of a leukemia survivor, I know firsthand how precious the gift of life is to all bone-marrow recipients. In particular, for persons of mixed or ethnic minorities it is extremely difficult to find matching donors. I applaud all of the individuals who registered as potential bone-marrow donors for their generosity in the gift of hope to many minority patients waiting for a match. Opinion published by UW Daily Newspaper.
  • Bone-marrow drive adds Asian Americans to national registry
    Members of the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity encouraged their fellow UW students to save lives. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. January 25, 2001.
  • Bone marrow drive extended to accommodate donor volume
    A new record was set at Odegaard Library yesterday by the UW Lambda Phi Epsilon Chapter Pledge Class for the most number of donors registered at a bone marrow drive on a single day at the UW. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. January 14, 1999.
  • The Rush to alternative Greek
    Much like 17th Avenue on a Thursday night, the music could be heard at least a block away, but the gathering at the Ethnic Cultural Center on Wednesday scarcely resembled anything found on Greek row. Article by UW Daily Newspaper. October 1, 1999.


Exclusive opportunities

Lambda Phi Epsilon offers different scholarships to outstanding brothers who have shown that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty while maintaining excellent academic standing within their respective universities. A list of previous scholarship recipients has been compiled by Nationals.

  • The Rising Leaders Among Men Scholarship recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership ability and achievement towards their chapter within their first year as an active after completing their JA semester. This scholarship is designed to encourage leadership growth and recognize outstanding initiative amongst new brothers.
  • The Academic Excellence Scholarship recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and who encourages others to strive for similar goals. This scholarship is designed to encourage and promote academic achievement among brothers.
  • The Lambda of the Year Scholarship recognizes distinguished Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity members who epitomize the fraternity’s mission statement through active chapter involvement, leadership, academic achievement, and significant community service involvement. The scholarship is rewarded based on these factors to honor true leaders among men.

Competitive resources

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions is committed to helping organizations further their goals. As the world leader in test preparation, Kaplan has been helping students succeed on exams and get into their choice schools for more than 70 years. Lambda Phi Epsilon has teamed up with Kaplan to provide valuable services at no cost to its members. Eligible members of Lambda Phi Epsilon are given a $1,400 scholarship waiver to access private Kaplan resources—including on-site instruction, preparation books, online quiz banks, and more. Lambda Phi Epsilon recognizes the need to provide members who pursue post-baccalaureate education with superior preparation. Training and resources for the following exams are covered with Lambda Phi Epsilon’s partnership with Kaplan.

  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) provides graduate schools with a common measure for comparing the qualifications of applicants.
  • The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the respective admissions exam required by most business schools.
  • The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) evaluates the critical reading and analytical thinking skills that are crucial for success in law school.
  • The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is used by medical school admission officials to predict future success.

Academic achievement

The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon place excellence in academics in the highest regard. As the longest Asian interest fraternity established on the University of Washington campus, the chapter has compiled a comprehensive collection of academic resources, including an extensive test bank, book loans, and study table tutoring programs. We work closely with our new members to ensure their scholastic transition from high school to college is a smooth one. In addition, the fraternity’s Alumni Association of Alpha Zeta Chapter awards the annual “Sean Torres” scholarship to one active brother every year during Spring Installations. Members are also encouraged to apply for several scholarships that are distributed from our National Board. Moreover, the brothers of Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Washington represent the fraternity well in prestigious organizations and nationally competitive scholarship programs.

Dominating the arena

Lambdas are fierce competitors, especially when it comes to sports. Brothers enjoy playing and winning in intramural leagues and Greek competitions on a quarterly basis, as many were former varsity athletes in high school. Lambdas understand that while competition in athletics is important, so is overall health and physical well being. At worst, a man’s health is all he has. At best, his health makes his life worth living. Not only does physical ability translate into confidence, but it also helps keep the mind healthy as the brain can only run as well as the systems maintaining it. Brothers motivate each other to work out at the gym regularly, and many will tell you that they are in the best shape of their lives because of the constant encouragement received from working out alongside their Brothers. Athleticism and fitness runs high in this house. The athletic interests of our brothers vary greatly:

Leaving a lasting legacy

Why join Lambda Phi Epsilon when there are numerous other Asian organizations on campus? By joining, you will enter a brotherhood that is rich in tradition and strong in its bonds. The brotherhood that a fraternity offers forms friendships that last a lifetime. Brothers of both Asian and non-Asian descent have said that the reason they rushed Lambda Phi Epsilon was because they could see and feel the closeness of brotherhood that other fraternities did not portray, and wanted to play a part in it as well.

Lambda Phi Epsilon continues to establish and perpetuate brotherhood and fellowship among its members. We not only seek to bring together a diverse group of men who share interests, concerns, backgrounds and cultures, but who believe that the strength of many are forged into the power of being one. Grounded on the principles of wisdom, honor, and courage; our Active Division continues to teach young men principles of leadership and strong moral character. Our Alumni Division then provides a forum in which brothers may apply these beliefs and become true leaders of society. It is that unique life long commitment to lead in every arena of life that makes the Lambdas the most respected organization of its kind. Annual brotherhood events include:

Respecting our roots

Lambda Phi Epsilon promotes Pan-Asian American unity while recognizing the uniqueness of each Asian heritage. Culture is a very powerful driving force in the lives of Asians as it shapes the way we live our lives individually and in a community setting. Culture also reflects our history and traditions. By celebrating a diverse array of Asian cultures, Lambda Phi Epsilon ensures that ways of life are not lost and that we help preserve it for the next generation. In order to show that we truly are a Pan-Asian American united organization (including heritages from the Middle East and the Pacific Islands), our brothers of differing ethnic backgrounds come together to support individual cultures as a collective. While we are an Asian-American Interest Fraternity, there are brothers all over the country with ethnicities other than Asian. You do not have to be Asian to become involved with the Asian community.

Lambdas also bring their own flavor to the multicultural Greek community by performing step, a series of choreographed claps and stomps to a rhythmic beat to show unity as a team. Lambda Phi Epsilon is the only Asian American interest fraternity on campus that has a rich tradition of yard performances and is capable of performing both step and stroll routines. As a result of promoting principles of unified brotherhood and cultural appreciation, the Lambda Step Team often gets featured in publications like Northwest Asian Weekly and The Daily. Joining the UW Lambdas Step Team is completely optional, yet those brothers who partook in it found their experiences rewarding. Past cultural events include:

Venimus, vidimus, vicimus

Lambda Phi Epsilon fosters character development through tangible activities that cultivate professional growth for all brothers. Leadership development with Lambda Phi Epsilon begins with the new member process, where pledges gain experience in running their own class, organizing venue parties, coordinating philanthropy events, managing finances, scheduling meetings, working as a team, etc. Once new members are initiated into the fraternity, they then are able to take on leadership positions that govern the active house. Time and time again, members of Lambda Phi Epsilon have proven to become the catalyst of social change they want to see in their university and community. Particularly in Alpha Zeta Chapter, brothers have left behind giant footprints on campus. This chapter has developed leaders that have directed the Asian Student Commission, chaired the Student Senate, founded the United Greek Council, and more. Not only are brothers involved in a number of clubs and committees, but also many of them go on to take leadership roles in such organizations outside of the fraternity:

Devoted to serve

Lambda Phi Epsilon is strongly committed to community service. In 1995, our brother from Stanford University, Evan Chen, was diagnosed with leukemia. The fraternity quickly organized a joint effort to find a bone marrow match for Evan. What resulted was the largest bone marrow typing drive in the history of the National Marrow Donor Program and AADP (Asian American Donor Program). In a matter of days, over 2,000 people were typed into the registry. A match was eventually found for Evan, unfortunately by that time the disease had taken its toll and he passed away in 1996. Evan’s struggles taught us much about the true meaning of brotherhood and sacrifice, and his memories live on with us today. In his legacy, we host our annual AADP Bone Marrow Drive every year in the fall, which became the national philanthropy of Lambda Phi Epsilon. This past year, the brothers of the University of Washington have typed over 100 new people through partnering with the Puget Sound Blood Center. As the largest underrepresented ethnic group in the national bone marrow registry, our efforts have already saved the lives of many Asian American patients who were diagnosed with leukemia and other blood-related disorders. No other Asian American interest organization has registered more donors to the bone marrow registry than Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, Incorporated.

Volunteering activities of Alpha Zeta Chapter

Running the yard

Lambda Phi Epsilon is the only Asian American interest fraternity on campus to perform step. Step shows are another example of how Greek letter organizations show their unity through a complex rhythm of stomps, claps, and beats. At first try, to describe what stepping is can be rather difficult. Some are prone to equate it as synchronized body percussion, while others consider it a branch of military drill or dancing. While these references help initial understanding, step performances have unique qualities on their own right. The award-winning Lambda Step Team at the University of Washington boasts a well known presence within the university and campus communities. Participating in the UW Lambdas Step Team is completely optional, yet those who partook in it found their experiences rewarding. Past performances include: