Actives vs Alumni Basketball Game

By January 27, 2013Blog

This month’s brotherhood event entailed a much hyped basketball game that pitted the Active House against the local Alumni Association. With bragging rights at stake, the talk kept coming back to who would mop the floor with whom. And as much as head coach Gary Ho (Upsilon Class, Fall 2011) from the Active division and his players talked about the upcoming game, Peter Chong (Delta Class, Fall 2001), a brother 10 years his senior, was brewing up a storm within the Alumni team. With an entire court reserved at the Intramural Activities Building on the University of Washington campus, the game began after a couple rounds of warmup from both sides.

Active point guard Gilbert Zhou (Fall 2012, Chi Class) delivered the most points in the three games played, averaging for more than half of the Active score. Zhou was aided in the backcourt by fellow Pledge Brother Nick Song (Fall 2012, Chi Class), who led the Active team with an average of 7 assists per game. However, in their first game of the quarter, the Actives were beat by the Alumni’s propensity for three-point shots. Any outsider could characterize the Actives as a young team, which begs the question: can the Actives make strides from their first game to their second? According to Ho, “each starter composition is different,” he said, “so it varies quarter by quarter.”

That slow start for the Actives never gave way, though, as the Alumni ripped off another four straight points in a two-minute span to push their lead to 15-13 and effectively put away the second game. Alumni shooting guard Nephi Cheng (Epsilon Class, Spring 2002) went brutal on the offensive in game three and carried the Alumni’s streak of success. “Age doesn’t limit us to our skill on the court,” said Alumnus Christopher Luong (Xi Class, Spring 2007). “Better luck next time, Actives.”