Fall 2015 Rush

By September 8, 2015Blog

“Fraternity is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results.”

Lambda Phi Epsilon (ΛΦΕ) is the University of Washington’s first and the world’s largest Asian American interest fraternity. We encourage all interested gentlemen with a passion for excellence and success to come out to our rush events to learn how Lambdas can enhance your college experience.


—- Friday 09/25 @ 10:00 pm | House Party —-
High school grads, college grads, and everyone in between– Nothing can really prepare you for the start of the school year. So, come to the Lambda House and rage one last time before the start of fall quarter!

—** Thursday 10/01 @ 7:00 pm | Info Night 1 **—
Meet the brothers of ΛΦΕ and learn what separates our brotherhood from the rest. Speak with accomplished alumni, spark professional connections, and see if this brotherhood is the right fit for you.

—- Friday 10/02 @ 10:00 pm | Back to School Party —-
For all you students that are back in Seattle for the start of the new academic year.. Come thru and kick it with the brothers of ΛΦΕ and lets start the quarter with a BANG!

—- Tuesday 10/06 @ 5:30 pm | Field Day with UW Pi Chapter – alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Experience a fun-filled outdoor game night with our international sister sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi.

—- Wednesday, 10/07 @ 6:00 pm | Scavenger Hunt with the lovely ladies of Sigma Psi Zeta – Rho Chapter —-
Come enjoy an epic scavenger hunt with the ladies of Sigma Psi Zeta!

—** Thursday, 10/08 @ 7:00 pm Savery | Info Night 2 **—
Couldn’t make it to the first Info Night? Come through and learn how Lambdas leave a permanent impact on their community and university.

—- Friday, 10/09 @ 10:00 pm | House Party —-
Come out and see why Lambdas throw the biggest and best rush parties on campus.

—-Saturday, 10/10 @ 5:30 pm | Bonfire with Chi Sigma Alpha – Alpha Chapter UW —-
Gather around and enjoy a nice warm bonfire with the ladies of Chi Sigma Alpha.

—- Monday, 10/12 @ 5:00 pm | Interviews (Invite Only) —-

** Interested gentlemen are highly encouraged to attend at least one info night and two other events of their choice to qualify for an interview. All rush events are free of cost and there are NO obligations to join. Meet in front of Suzzallo Library for transportation before each rush event. **

Questions? Please feel free to contact us:
Email | rush@uwlambdas.com
Phone | 253.224.8944
Website | http://uwlambdas.com/
Facebook | http://fb.com/uwlambdas
Twitter | http://twitter.com/uwlambdas
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