Founders Day Dinner 2013

By February 25, 2013Blog
Founders Day Dinner 2013

Lambda Phi Epsilon at the University of Washington celebrated National Founders Day concurrently with over fifty chapters worldwide. Commemorating 32 years of community service, strong leadership, academic achievement, Asian American awareness, and eternal brotherhood, a private celebration was organized at the local Lambda House. Guests included the Alumni Association and Lambda Little Sisters.

Lambda Phi Epsilon was originally founded by nineteen dedicated young men on the campus of University of California Los Angeles with the intent of bringing together Asians of different ethnic backgrounds to promote universal goals. By focusing on academic achievement, encouraging brotherhood, and providing philanthropy for worthy causes, principal Founder Craig Ishigo aimed to transcend racial differences and provide Asian Americans with a sense of belonging within the community and give them the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential to become leaders among men.

The dinner incorporated several distinctly Asian dishes, such as fried rice, shrimp and eggs, chicken curry, as well as traditional American eats like salad, spaghetti, and mashed potatoes. Founder Hyun Chung, Founder Jerry Tsai, and Alumni President Samuel Tang, among many others, reminisced and shared memories of their times as active members with younger brothers. They also expressed hope that within the next few years, Lambda Phi Epsilon will continue to expand to other respected schools in the region. In just 32 years, Lambda Phi Epsilon has grown as the world’s leading Asian American interest fraternity. Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Washington is excited to propel its momentum as a powerhouse brotherhood to take the fraternity to new heights.

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