Installs 2014

By May 21, 2014Blog

By Kevin Kim

On May 9, 2014, UW Lambda Phi Epsilon hosted their annual Installation Ceremony for the newly crossed members of Alpha Alpha Class at Salty’s Waterfront in Alki. Similar to what the founders of Alpha Zeta Chapter wore fifteen years ago, Alpha Alpha Class dressed to the nines with matching tuxedoes and electric blue bow ties.

The new members consisted of Adrian Lujan, Roland Arii, Jeremiah Cutrell, Kevin Kim, Steven Nguyen, Pat Malai, Lawrence Li, Andrew Kim, and Joe Koroki with their fellow pledge father, Don Nguyen. As thanks for the massive support from their pledge father, Alpha Alpha class created a Pledge Dad paddle, which was connected to Don’s nickname, “Goku Swag.” The Paddle consisted of Shenron, the wish granter from the series Dragon Ball Z, and 9 Dragon Balls, each with the names, line number, and nickname of the initiated members. Along with the class paddle, a wooden katana was presented for him as well as the Pledge Coordinator, Mr. Benny Tran, as a token of gratitude.

Afterwards, the new Lil Sis took the stage with their Pledge Father, Virak Mau. These lovely ladies of the newly crossed Theta Class consisted of Victoria Tjok, Elaine Xie, Cheryl Wang, and Annmarie Yi. Within their class, they created a Pledge Dad paddle as well (which was taller than Virak) for their Pledge Dad. The Pledge Dad presented each daughter with a brand new pair of Nike shoes, to signify that each Lil Sis will be able to go wherever they need. Also, each lady was given the standard Lil Sis sweater to represent the Lambda organization. The older Lil Sis also presented bouquets and sparkling apple cider.

Fellow Greek organizations such as alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Chi Sigma Alpha, and Sigma Psi Zeta presented gifts ranging from midnight sweets to bouquets. Those were not the only people that presented gifts however. Each new member’s family lines came up to the front to display their support and appreciation for them. With a brief speech expressing how proud each lines were, the new members optimistically awaited to represent their lineage.

Graduating members were called up to the front as the brothers applauded each member for their achievements not only to Lambda Phi Epsilon, but academically as well. The graduating class contained of Michael Esuabana from Tau Class, Anthony Barki from Tau Class, and Mark Rosete from Phi Class. Each graduate was given the Lambda Phi Epsilon graduate stole from the Alumni Association to wear in the upcoming UW Commencement Ceremony.

Outgoing President Gary Ho gave his final speech as he officially inaugurated the newly elected Executive Board. The new Executive Board members are Benny Tran as President, Steven Nguyen as External Vice President, Daniel Nguyen as Internal Vice President, Aman Johal as Social Chair, Jordan Tran as Service Chair, Arrunn Chhouy as Treasurer, and Josh Chen as Pledge Dad. The 2014-2015 President, Benny Tran, gave his motives and thoughts for the future as the brothers wait optimistically for future changes.

How can we end an installment ceremony without a step performance? The new members of Alpha Alpha class and Theta class faced off in a step battle. Both performed tenaciously as they rocked the house. Overall, this past year yielded not only an increase in membership, but also a recharge in our chapter’s forward momentum.

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