Installs 2012

By May 19, 2012Blog

It was a long time coming, but all classes of the 2011-2012 academic school year of Lambda Phi Epsilon have finally been installed into the Alpha Zeta Chapter. Every year, Installation—“Installs” for short—is one of the largest celebrations, not only in Lambda Phi Epsilon, but also for respective houses within the United Greek Council. Lambdas always bring a revolutionary presence into UGC and this year’s classes are the most dynamic, yet.

This past year, Lambda Phi Epsilon crossed ten strong, passionate brothers—seven in Upsilon Class and three in Phi class. As the newest lifeblood of the fraternity, these ten are in charge of making sure the Lambda ideals are carried onto the next generation. Each new member into Lambda Phi Epsilon brings their own new and unique vision to the house where their ideals are fully developed into reality. The road was long and arduous. At the beginning, those who were interested in brotherhood began the journey. Towards the end, only those who believed remained. Becoming a brother of a fraternity is not characterized by reading history and taking tests—at least, not ours. To become a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon, one must to live the LiFEstyle.

Also installed were our Little Sisters who took the same journey within their class. Little Sisters are special in that they chose to create a bond with Lambda Phi Epsilon and break the gender ceiling that the word “fraternity” symbolizes. To demonstrate that they had become a united force, the entirety of the 17-women class stepped together in perfect unison and performed their choreographed dance. The proud big brothers presented them with their very own Lambda Lil Sis hoodies.

The men were presented next and their family lines, as well as other Greek houses, presented them with gifts. Awards and scholarships were then handed out to brothers for various categories as voted on by the house. Special mention to Jeffery Chang and Sam Tang who both won the Alpha Zeta Chapter’s “Alumni of the Year” award for all the contributions they brought to the house. Wilson Lu won the prestigious “Sean Torres Scholarship” that is given for exemplary academic performance within Alpha Zeta Chapter, and Gary Ho won “Lambda of the Year.” The ceremony closed with the swearing in of the new Executive Board for 2012-2013. The true closing was more festive than business. Upsilon Class and Phi Class ran the yard with their own unique class steps in a friendly but competitive step-off. There was no clear winner—Installs for each chapter signifies triumph for Lambdas nationwide.