Chapter of the Year!

By May 26, 2013Blog

Convention XXIV: Legacy

This year’s convention featured an Old Timer’s Panel called “Know Your Roots” featuring brothers and speakers from all eras of the fraternity from the founding days, to the inception of the National Board and the first convention, all the way to our present day. Our members learned much about the origins of our traditions, the formation of our very fraternity, and how it has evolved into the international force it is today. A full itinerary of events that took place this Convention can be found online.

At the awards banquet ceremony, Alpha Zeta Chapter was recognized as the National Chapter of the Year! This was a very proud moment for our brothers that have contributed their time and energy to developing a model house that champions the Asian American voice in its community and university. Our chapter also took home the National Philanthropy Award, presented by the National Board.

Message from the President

Growth. That’s the one word I believe best summarizes Alpha Zeta Chapter’s main goal for this entire year. Although there are numerous Asian American interest fraternities at the University of Washington that compete for similar interests and prospective new members, Lambda Phi Epsilon stands out from the crowd—and there is good reason for that. Alpha Zeta Chapter has stayed true to the national vision of Lambda Phi Epsilon: to become the preeminent international Asian interest fraternal organization, providing outstanding leadership, philanthropy, and advocacy in the community.

This past year, we have crossed seventeen new members and chartered an additional ten more at Washington State University as their chapter host. The rate of growth our chapter is experiencing will open even more opportunities for expanion within the coming decade. By living our fraternal values and growing the fraternity outside the scope of a single chapter, we are rapidly showing the world how our work is impacting our communities at large.

I encourage you to closely read the achievements and milestones outlined in this Annual Report to contextualize the efforts our all-star chapter has invested into helping each brother unlock his fullest potential. The growth and hard work that members at the University of Washington have accomplished within the past twelve months deserve to be recognized at Convention XXIV as the Chapter of the Year.

Mr. Frankie “Mario Lopez” Acfalle
2012-13 Chapter President