Olympus 2011

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A light drizzle covered the field and sweat was dripping down people’s faces, but everyone carried a smile on their face. On May 7th, 2011, several organizations of the United Greek Council gathered at Magnuson Park to engage in friendly competition through a series of games and events. The events ranged from the intensive tug-of-war to icebreakers such as the human knot; where members within the group twist and climb over each other to untangle themselves before the other team does. These events meant to promote a sense of camaraderie between the organizations through some light-hearted fun. The event was a success and ended with a barbecue provided by the executive members of the UGC. The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon want to thank everyone who came out and participated in Olympus.

Rules and Regulations

UGC Greeks! Bring your best to the field and let’s have some friendly competition. Maximum number of people participating per organization: 10 members at a time, with substitutions available to your other members. Cost: $20 from each organization (if less than 5 people participating, 10 dollars), organized by Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Note: There may be a slight chance of rain. We will be using water balloons, so dress in layers or wear waterproof gear. Don’t forget to represent your letters.

Facebook Event | https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127842767291584

Agenda of Field Events

Opening Events | Introduction and Shout Outs | Pyramid Building | Mixed Teams Events: Assignment of New Teams and Quick Team Ice Breaker | Tug-of-War | 3-Legged Race | Wheel Barrow Race | Relay Race (5 Parts) | Balloon race | Spin and Run | I-Got-Your-Back Team Race | Water and Snacks Break | Water Balloon Toss | VIP Water Battle | Dragon Game | Protect your balloon | Capture the flag! | Group Photo + More Food!

Participating Organizations

alpha Kappa Delta Phi | Chi Sigma Alpha | Lambda Phi Epsilon | Pi Alpha Phi | Sigma Beta Rho | Sigma Psi Zeta | Zeta Kappa Epsilon

Photos of this event are available online | https://picasaweb.google.com/uwlambdas/Olympus2011