Reader’s Choice Awards

By December 5, 2013Blog
Reader's Choice Awards

We are honored to be recognized as Seattle’s Favorite API Youth Organization at the International Examiner’s Northwest Asian Pacific American Reader’s Choice Awards! Read additional profiles of outstanding businesses, organizations and people at

Arts & Entertainment

  • Favorite Local Artist: Alan Lau
  • Favorite Local Author/Writer: Eric Liu
  • Favorite API Festival: Bon Odori
  • Favorite Local Hip Hop Artist: Macklemore
  • Favorite Local Photographer: Dean Wong
  • Favorite API Comedian: Margaret Cho

Nightlife & Recreation

  • Favorite Happy Hour: Wasabi Bistro
  • Favorite Karaoke Hotspot: Bush Garden Restaurant
  • Favorite Casino to Indulge: Snoqualmie Casino
  • Favorite Hangout Spot: Eastern Cafe

Food & Drinks 

  • Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant: Tamarind Tree
  • Favorite Thai Restaurant: Thai Curry Simple
  • Favorite Indian Restaurant: Cedar’s Restaurant on Brooklyn
  • Favorite Coffee Shop/Tea House: Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee House
  • Favorite Bubble Tea Café: Oasis Tea Zone
  • Best Sushi Restaurant: Daimonji Sushi and Grill
  • Best Korean BBQ Restaurant: Palace BBQ Korean Bar & Grill
  • Best Dim Sum: Jade Garden
  • Favorite Local Chef: Tom Douglas
  • Favorite Bakery: Bakery Nouveau
  • Favorite Chinese Restaurant: Tai Tung
  • Favorite Asian-Fusion Restaurant: Wild Ginger
  • Favorite Seafood Restaurant: Ho Ho Seafood Restaurant
  • Favorite Local Winery: Chateau St. Michelle Winery

People & Places

  • Favorite Local Journalist: Lori Matsukawa, KING 5 News Anchor and Reporter
  • Favorite Empowered Youth: Julie Pham
  • Favorite Mentor: Ron Chew
  • Favorite Volunteer: Howard Wu (NAAAP)
  • Favorite Local Political Figure: Bob Hasegawa
  • Favorite Activist or Engaged Citizen: Linh Thai
  • Favorite Philanthropist: Jerry Lee
  • Favorite Entrepreneur/Business Owner: Tomio Moriguchi, Chairman of Uwajimaya
  • Favorite Local Sports Figure: Russell Wilson
  • Favorite Community College: Seattle Central Community College
  • Favorite University: UW Seattle
  • Favorite Educator/Teacher:  Connie So
  • Favorite Executive Director of a Non Profit: Diane Narasaki, Executive Director of Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS)
  • Favorite CEO: Yale Wong, CEO and Founder of General Biodiesel
  • Most Inspirational Speaker: Ron Sims, former King County Executive

Businesses & Services

  • Favorite Asian-Owned Start-Up: TD Wang
  • Favorite Corporate Giver to Asian American Causes: Comcast
  • Favorite Mom & Pop Business: Phnom Penh Noodle House
  • Favorite Health Organization/Business: International Community Health Services (ICHS)
  • Favorite Asian Owned Green Business: General Biodiesel
  • Favorite API Senior Organization: Nikkei Concerns
  • Favorite Professional Association: National Association of Asian American Professionals-Seattle (NAAAP-Seattle)
  • Favorite API Youth Group or Organization: Lambda Phi Epsilon
  • Favorite Cultural Preservation Institution: Wing Luke Asian Museum
  • Favorite API Advocacy Organization: APIC

Honorable Mention (2nd place in two categories or more!)

  • Favorite Hang Out Spot and Mom & Pop Shop: World Pizza