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As one of the University of Washington’s most respected fraternities, we honor our traditions and our ability to unlock the fullest potential among our members. The achievements of our Brothers are remarkable and diverse. UW Lambdas have become CEOs of their startup ventures, trekked the North Pole, and even called the White House home. Yet we define ourselves and our brotherhood not by the accomplishments on our resumes but by the strength of our bonds, the diversity of our passions, and our embrace of new ideas. Being a Lambda grants you the opportunity to graduate from the University of Washington with incredible stories, unique memories, and an extremely close-knit family. We seek to recruit gentlemen who aspire to lead the future.

We encourage all interested gentlemen with a passion for success and excellence to come to our rush events to learn what our fraternity can offer their college experience. We generally hold two recruitment cycles per year that take place during the first two weeks of fall and winter quarter. If you are heavily considering joining Lambda Phi Epsilon, we encourage you to fill out the online interest form to the right and contact our rush chair at to learn more about the recruitment process.

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Know of anyone who would make a great member of Lambda Phi Epsilon? Please pass along his contact information to us and we will make sure that the respective recruitment chairman receives his information. This may be the first step of a lifelong relationship!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

What is Rush?

Rush, also known as recruitment, is a structured two-week period at the beginning of fall and winter quarter when anyone interested in Lambda Phi Epsilon or Greek life in general can come to our events to meet brothers and learn more about the fraternity. Contrary to popular belief, coming out to rush does not commit you to anything at all. You do not have to attend all events to be able to join the fraternity. The only thing we expect from our rushees (prospective members) is that they have a good time at our events. Along the way, we hope that rushees will also meet the brothers and learn more about the values of the fraternity.

What is a Bid?

A bid is an invitation to enter the pledge process and continue on the path of becoming a brother. Bids are given at the end of rush to rushees who the brothers feel would be a good fit to our fraternity. You are not obligated to accept a bid if given one; rush is completely non-committal.

Am I required to join if I attend rush events?

No. Rush is simply an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet the brothers. So have fun, enjoy yourself, and allow us to show you what our brotherhood can offer you.

Do I have to pay to check out rush events?

No, all rush events are free. All costs are funded by Lambda Phi Epsilon. Rides to all events are provided as well.

What type of person are you looking for?

The diversity of our fraternity is due to the individual personalities that make up the house. However, our motto, “Leaders Among Men,” applies to each and every brother. We are looking for the leaders among the crowd, who will ultimately become the faces of our fraternity.

What is the New Member Education Process?

If, at the end of rush, you accept the opportunity to complete the New Member Education Process of Lambda Phi Epsilon, the possibilities are endless. Stressing skills such as leadership, communication, organization, and punctuality, the fraternity’s education process will help you develop close bonds of brotherhood with men from all walks of life. These abilities have proven highly useful to brothers well outside the bounds of the fraternity. With an alumni network stretching from Tokyo to London, and with chapters at over 50 universities, you will meet brothers with whom you have an instant bond because of the ideals and experiences instilled during pledging. Simply put, Lambdas is an experience that can greatly enrich your time at the University of Washington. Don’t be fooled by the stereotypes.

Do I have to live in the house?

No. Living in the Lambda House is completely optional. Our brotherhood is not confined within four walls. However, the Lambda house located on Greek Row offers a “home away from home,” furthers academic and social growth and development, and provides much of the comfort and support of a family environment. Regardless, we understand and respect the choice of any brother and his personal living preferences.

Why Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Why Lambdas? Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that will challenge every aspect of your college life—and for the better. You will learn how to become a leader in your school, in your community, and in the world you enter after college. Lambda life extends far beyond the reach of your school. Today, with thousands of brothers from coast to coast and throughout the world, Lambda Phi Epsilon has become a major institution and a powerful force in the Asian-American scene in the United States. Moreover, your social network on will also expand exponentially as you get to interact with women affiliated with other Greek organizations, and Lambda alumni who have become very distinguished in their industry. Being a Lambda also carries with it a strong sense of pride and a reputation of being a well-rounded individual. The road to becoming a Lambda is not easy, but the rewards (personal growth, leadership development, etc.) are well worth it. It takes a certain type of man to become a Lambda, someone who wants to become a leader among men.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

While we are an Asian American interest fraternity, there are brothers all over the country with ethnicities other than Asian. You do not have to be Asian to come to rush events and you do not have to be Asian to join Lambda Phi Epsilon. Everyone is invited. That being said, we do have the right to discriminate against Internet Explorer users. Why? Because we have standards.

How can Lambda Phi Epsilon impact my future?

Lambda Phi Epsilon has an incredibly strong alumni network, both locally and on the national and international levels. The International Board of Lambda Phi Epsilon has access to many career and networking resources that provide Lambdas with competitive job placements immediately after graduation. Moreover, our annual conventions provide professional development opportunities for the Active Division. Such exclusive resources provide future generations of Lambdas to become successful in any career industry imaginable.

Real Talk

What people are saying

Through Lambda Phi Epsilon’s new member program, I became more interested in the fraternity itself and I became more and more determined to overcome each of the challenges that I was faced. At the same time, I had become the best I have ever been in my whole life at openly speaking to people, expressing my ideas, and problem solving because of this new member process. For the first time in my life, I don’t want to stay quiet and follow the people around me; I want to be the one to take initiative, lead others, and strive to be perfect in everything I do.

Mr. Benny Tran, Phi Class

Lambda Phi Epsilon is the prime example of a fraternity whose main purpose is to instill values and a greater sense of being in their newest members. Not only do they focus on the aspect of unity within a pledge class but more importantly, they emphasize focus on creating a bond with a big brother mentor. I can testify first hand that had it not been for the amazing care and time that my big brother (Ryuji Maung) put into me, this experience would have been something completely different and would not have been nearly as meaningful as it was. Thanks to my big brother, I was able to stay composed and grounded throughout the process and I know that it was because of this constant support that I am here today.

Mr. Gary Ho, Upsilon Class

The Lambda Phi Epsilon new member education program allowed me to form a unique understanding of what the brotherhood truly meant. Growing up without a brother, I never knew its worth—not until I met my big brother, Roger Chao, who inspired me. His guidance and knowledge propels me to always pursue perfection. His support fuels my passion to always help others in fulfilling their goals. Lambda Phi Epsilon’s new member education program isn’t just a process—it's a promise: a promise to continue the tradition of turning today’s men into tomorrow’s leaders.

Mr. Marc Rosete, Phi Class

Before coming to the University of Washington, my perception on Greek life has already been established due to the influence of media’s interpretation, and on the fabrication of how the society views the Greek community. My decision to join Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity made solely based off of on the surface research at the time, when I decided to give “Going Greek” a try. Throughout the new member education process, I have gained the knowledge and passion for something that I never had: brotherhood. Even though the new member education process had ended, as each days goes by a new piece of the missing puzzle is slowly but surely filling in as I’m constantly using the skills that I’ve gained throughout the process when delegating tasks for my fraternity and the community while setting a standard for those around me.

Mr. Virak Mau, Upsilon Class

Read even more testimonials from brothers around the world on our international website.

Lambda Phi Epsilon is a platform for young men to re-imagine their potential. Brotherhood, leadership, and philanthropy is a journey taken to reveal the necessary individuality, character, and selflessness that defines a Lambda, a Leader Among Men.

Mr. Hengxin Cole Fun, Omicron Class

I know that I have added value to the Asian American community on campus because of my heavy involvement with Lambda Phi Epsilon. Upon crossing, I became more vocal about issues that affect my community, and I became more motivated to excel in my academic work. This fraternity has helped me develop my sense of Self as a leader in my workplace.

Mr. Thuc Nguyen, Upsilon Class

I joined Lambda Phi Epsilon searching for people at UW of outstanding character, and for people that I could depend on regardless of adverse situations. In the end, I found much more. The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon pushed me beyond what I thought I could do and showed me that I could succeed; during the times when I was on the verge of failure, brothers were there to pull me back from the edge and help me achieve my goals.

Mr. Heng Yath, Epsilon Class

Where else in college can you find a group of people, united under a common goal and set of principles, whose mettle has been tried and proven true, whose character has been proven time and time again without question? Where else can you find a family of undeniable loyalty and unfaltering brotherhood? You can't. That's why Lambdas are still important to me, even after I've graduated from college.

Quoc Tran, Theta Class

The commitment to brotherhood is the reason why I joined Lambdas. The thing that strikes you, though, is that the brotherhood is made up of so many successful and talented members. It’s an amazing experience to develop such strong bonds of loyalty with your brothers, and it makes it all the more unique to realize that these are people who don’t need the external gratification of being in a fraternity insofar as they would be considered successful by any measure, be it personal or professional. Not only did my brothers become my closest friends, but it was enormously helpful for me to have the advice and tutelage of older brothers and alumni in pursuing my own aspirations beyond graduation. You really can’t undervalue the network of friends and connections that you join when you become a brother.

Mr. Yul Kwon, Delta Class of Theta Chapter, Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands

Congratulations! You’ve been selected by our wonderful panel of judges to be the winners of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.’s 6th Annual Step Out Against Domestic Violence Showcase! We are so thankful to have you participate in such a large event for Sigma Psi Zeta and the students and staff of the University of Washington. You guys performed real well and allowed this opportunity to show the community the many talents of your crew. We hope you enjoyed in participating in this event and hope to see you guys in the future in showing your amazing step as well as help us support our philanthropy to combat the violence against women. Again, thank you very much for helping support our cause as well as participate in our showcase.

Tiffany Hsu & Vivian Yu, Step Out Showcase Coordinators (2013)

Thank you Lambda Phi Epsilon for volunteering, supporting and entertaining participants of the 22nd Annual Walk for Rice. You guys are all-around super stars! ACRS appreciates your continued support of Walk for Rice.

John Malcomson, Volunteer Coordinator, Asian Counseling and Referral Service (2012)

We would like to personally thank Lambdas for their contribution of time and energy to the 2012 Candlelight Vigil. The Vigil could not have been a success without the help of you who donated time and energy. It was great to have worked with you. Your contribution is important to end sexual and domestic violence and we truly appreciate your support. Once again, thank you for your time and efforts.

Vigil Committee, API Chaya (2012)

You guys were amazing! Thank you so much Lambdas for showing others how to take it one more step!

University of Washington Student Life

We at Cascade Science Center Foundation thank you for volunteering as activity leads for Science Squad event at StudentRND center on MLK Day (Jan 16). It was the second day of the week long snow storm in Puget Sound. Your team showed up at the center on time despite the poor road conditions. Not only you helped us with the initial setup, you led the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities with awesome spirit and fun. Even though we got less than anticipated participating due to weather condition, the kids who attended seemed to have lots of fun with you. Thanks for doing such as fantastic work. We would love for you to participate in a repeat event serving a greater number of students and making a difference in their live through the gift of education. Keep up the great work in all that you do! Thank you!

Sonu Arora, Board of Directors, Cascades Science Center Foundation (2012)

I can sincerely say that Lambda members are truly one of my favorite groups to work with every year, and this year was no exception. The enthusiasm and dedication they demonstrate is something I wish I could duplicate at all of my drives. I look forward to working with Lambda Phi Epsilon in the future.

Tanya Nobles, Donor Recruitment Representative, Puget Sound Blood Center (2011)

Lambda Phi Epsilon contributed to bringing energy, commitment, and care for others, to share with community members at the lantern floating ceremony held at Green Lake in August. Not only did they carry out their own responsibilities but Lambda Phi Epsilon became a part of the community gathered there. This year’s lantern ceremony wouldn’t have been the huge success it was without their hard work and commitment.

Iori Yoshimura, Volunteer Coordinator, From Hiroshima to Hope Planning Committee (2011)

Thanks so much making the arrangements for the men of Lambda Phi Epsilon to volunteer at our Habitat for Humanity High Point site. With help like your fraternity offered, our partner families will move in to a wonderful new house soon they can call home. Again, thank you very much for helping us help partner families construct their new houses.

Margie Law, Volunteer Manager, Habitat for Humanity Seattle/South King County (2010)

UW’s Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity demonstrated their dedication in public service recently at the Lunar New Year Event in Chinatown. Their impressive work in crowd control and outstanding assistance for our guests in the scavenger hunt proved noteworthy. Their small commitment made a large impact in the event’s success!

Julie Ngo, Volunteer Coordinator, Chinatown-International District Lunar New Year Celebration (2010)

Congratulations on a successful drive; you guys are the best.

Carol Gillespie, Executive Director, Asian American Donor Program (2009)

Thank you for your great work coordinating the parking and riding of the shuttle to the Walk for Rice! Thank you also for those of you helped raise over a $100 for the Walk. We were also pleased to see you working with the Puget Sound Blood Center this year. We really appreciate the support of such a great organization.

John Malcomson, Volunteer Coordinator, Asian Counseling and Referral Service (2009)

On behalf of the Hong Kong Student Association, I would like to thank you for your support for our valentines day club event; “L<3VEHOLIC.” Our organization would like to recognize the outstanding measures that the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon have taken to promote our event. Your support exemplifies the unity we all share under the Asian Student Commission and we hope you work with us again in the near future!

Kelvin Kong, President, University of Washington Hong Kong Student Association (2012)

One organization had a larger impact than any other on a National level. That organization was Lambda Phi Epsilon. Started in 1981 at UCLA by Craig Ishigo and 18 other men, they envisioned a brotherhood that would span many states and universities and would provide a true Asian American fraternal organization to people all across the country. Lambdas founded their Beta Chapter at 1985 at UC Davis, and then followed that up with establishing 4 other chapters between that year and 1990, one of them which was in Texas making it the first chapter of a modern Asian fraternal organization to be founded outside of California. Lambdas expansion outside of California made the concept of Asian American Greek life visible to those outside of the state and opened the door for the next decade.

National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association

Joining the lil sis program was one of the best college decisions I’ve ever made. It was so fun meeting new people and getting a big bro! I’ve always wanted a big brother and that was one of my greatest wishes as a kid. I never would have thought that through Lambda Lil Sis I would have that wish come true. My big bro is amazing! He would text me, take me out to eat, hang out, and got me a job! Without him, I would not be working where I am today (Scottrade, a leading online investing firm offering a full line of investment products, online trading services and market research tools to help investors take control of their financial future). Some of the girls that crossed with me are also my good friends today so without Lambda Lil Sis, I would have never met them. The girls are wonderful, the family vibe is amazing, and the bros are so welcoming and accepting. Joining Lambda Lil Sis will enhance your college experience as it did mine! This opportunity only comes by once!

Jenny Yang, New Member Educator, University of Washington alpha Kappa Delta Phi (2012)

By nature, people need someone to lean on every once in a while. There have been countless times where I felt that my friends have left me down, but whenever that happens, a Lambda always pulls through and lends a helping hand. As a Lambda Lil Sis, you will feel unconditional love, support, and protection. Nothing comes close to the bond you have with family and Lambdas are like a family in the sense that they are always there for you no matter what, giving you that feeling of home away from home. College is also a great time to try something new. Be open minded and experience something that’s unparalleled to any other.

Aileen Huang, Internal Vice President, University of Washington Chinese Student Association (2012)