Spring Brotherhood Retreat 2014

By May 29, 2014Blog

By Kevin Kim

This past Memorial Day Weekend, the brothers of Alpha Zeta Chapter traveled down to Ocean Shores, Washington for a holiday at the beach. Brothers seized the opportunity to ride on mopeds to explore the quiet city and coastal surroundings. Biking trails allowed brothers to race each other and enjoy the scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, other brothers rested peacefully at the hotel or explored the city on their own.

As stomachs began to growl, the brothers walked around the city of Ocean Shores to search for a restaurant. After much browsing, the brothers agreed to dine at the Moby Dick, a small burger/fish and chips joint. At first, the owners were somewhat surprised to see such a large group but were appreciative of the business the chapter brought to the restaurant.

As sunset approached, everyone agreed to create a bonfire on the beach. The brothers separated into groups as each group was given an assignment. Working in unison, the brothers managed to create a large bonfire in the middle of the beach. With the fire burning as intensely as their love for the fraternity, the brothers reflected on their personal growth this past year and shared their favorite moments within the brotherhood.

Although the retreat was short, everyone found time to destress and relax before resuming the last half of a very hectic spring quarter. Having enjoyed the weekend, the brothers now await to return to school to bulldoze through one last stretch of final exams before summer begins.