United Greek Council Banquet 2012

By May 11, 2012Blog

Chapter of the Year

(Award presented at UGC Banquet 2012.) Few organizations at UW develop leaders that contribute to the Asian American identity on campus. Lambda Phi Epsilon’s vision is to become the preeminent international Asian American interest fraternal organization, providing outstanding leadership, philanthropy, and advocacy in the community. Its founding founders wanted to tackle the issue of uniting a divided Asian community that was split along ethnic lines. By establishing a Pan-Asian American interest fraternity at the University of Washington, its founding fathers helped to dissolve these ethnic barriers among college youth. Lambda Phi Epsilon has maintained excellent standing with the Student Activities Office, and is currently the only Asian American interest fraternity that is affiliated with the Ethnic Cultural Center for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Lambda Phi Epsilon not only seeks to bring together a diverse group of men who share common interests, concerns, backgrounds, and cultures, but those who show the confidence of a leader. This leadership is pivotal in achieving the goals of the fraternity, which include servicing the community through various philanthropies, increasing Asian awareness, promoting academic scholarship, and strengthening the Asian American voice in the community. Each brother has a vital role in making these goals attainable, and the principles that they learn are passed down to new members so that they, too, will become the next generation of leaders among men.

UGC Banquet Recognition

Congratulations To Our 2011-2012 Award Winners!

  • Excellence in Community Service: ΛΦΕ
  • Excellence in Educational Programming: ΣΒΡ
  • Excellence in Greek Relations: ΣΨΖ
  • Excellence in New Member Programming: ΛΦΕ
  • Excellence in Philanthropic Efforts: ΧΣΑ
  • Excellence in Public Relations: ΛΦΕ
  • Excellence in Recruitment Programming: ΛΦΕ
  • Excellence in Social Programming: ΛΦΕ
  • Outstanding New Member: Mikey Mazique (ΛΦΕ)
  • Outstanding Chapter Officer: Amanda Gadian (ΧΣΑ)
  • Chapter of the Year: ΛΦΕ

Congratulations To Our 2012-2013 Executive Board!

  • President: Bryan Dosono (ΛΦΕ)
  • Vice President: Amanda Gadian (ΧΣΑ)
  • Director of Finance & Budgeting: Kristin Cha (ΣΨΖ)
  • Director of Public Relations: Yuri Equihua (ΛΘA)
  • Director of Social Media & Communications: Gillian Lim (ΧΣΑ)
  • Director of Events & Programming: Billy Nong (ΣΒΡ)
  • Secretary: Beau Castillo (ΔΛΦ)

Congratulations To Our 2011-2012 Order of Omega Initiates!

  • Bryan Dosono, Winter 2012 (ΛΦΕ)
  • SeEun Kim, Winter 2012 (ΧΣΑ)
  • Weiyi Li, Winter 2012 (ZKE)
  • Quy Nguyen, Spring 2012 (αΚΔΦ)
  • Jeffrey Wang, Spring 2012 (ZKE)